Window Treatment Ideas For Sliding Glass Doors


Many homeowners find sliding glass doors difficult to choose window treatments for, particularly because many of the more common options can hinder their use of the door. You will find that certain treatments are better suited to applications with larger expanses of glass simply because they operate horizontally. In the list below, we have covered some of the window treatments that we recommend for sliding doors.

Panel Blinds
Probably our favourite window treatment when it comes to expansive windows and doorways, these blinds allow for an infinite number of panels to attach to a slim headrail. The panels glide smoothly along the track, stacking back to a single panel width at any point along the track so that the door is easily accessible when required. Although they’re easy to use, you have to be careful with how you tug on the panels.

One of the main reasons that curtains are such a great choice for sliding doors is that they have far less structure than the other window treatments available. This means that you can easily access the lock when required; simply lift the offending drapery out of the way. Curtains can also open from either side or in the middle, depending on the configuration that you feel best meets your needs.

There are even some types of shutter that are suitable for use with sliding glass doors, particularly those that are designed to slide along tracks installed along the top and bottom of the opening. The shutter panels can be the same width as the door, allowing you to slide the whole thing to one side when you want to make the outdoors accessible. There are varying materials to choose from for your convenience.

Vertical Blinds
Often seen as the obvious choice for sliding doors, these blinds are installed the full length of the opening on a single track – simply draw them to one side when you wish to access the door. These blinds offer a number of other advantages, from maximum light and privacy control to chainless and kidsafe track options for child safety. Choose from a wide range of colours to ensure your décor is complemented.

Motorised Blinds
There is also a variety of motorised blind options to choose from, ensuring that they won’t hinder your use of the doors at all – when you need to use them, simply press a button and they will move smoothly out of the way for you. They can even be put on a timer, so the blinds will open and close at a pre-set time, if you don’t want to be bothered with a cumbersome remote control (of which there are many options).

If you are looking for window treatments that suit sliding glass doors, we hope that the above list has given you a few ideas to consider. You might have your heart set on a certain treatment, but it might be unsuitable for such applications because of the way it operates. Whilst you can certainly use it anyway, you will have to be willing to sacrifice some of its functionality. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance when making your selection.


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