Winnie the Pooh Easy DIY Family Costumes


This was an easy group costume I made for my family when I was pregnant. I always use a lot of fleece for my homemade costumes. A) because it is very easy to sew since you dont have to hem it, and B) its a super forgiving, very stretchy fabric. Not to mention keeps you nice and warm in October. The best thing about fleece is that, if you are not good with a sewing machine, you can hotglue the pieces together. It doesnt get easier than that. For this Piglet costume I just cut out a nice rounded shape with armholes using one of my daughters tank tops as a template. Then I sewed the tops and sides together and made a hem at the bottom for a band of elastic. I hot glued black yarn for Piglets stripes. The ears are fleece also, sewn together and hot glued onto metal barrettes. For Pooh, I used an old pair of boxer shorts as a pattern and just added a couple of feet to the top to make a type of jumpsuit. I cut out the shapes and sewed them together along the legs and up the tummy and back. At the top I used elastic again, and voila a snug jumpsuit. Luckily for me I had the big preggo belly, so elastic was perfect. But, if you want to stuff it with a pillow, you could easily just use2 pieces of fleece and add straps to help keep the costume up. Next, I cut a large red t-shirt short so Poohs tummy would show. Then made ears out of the fleece and glued them onto barrettes. My husband aka “Christopher Robin” was just a bunch of clothing items we found in his closet, paired with the blue balloon. These costumes were very easy and super quick to make. We were the hit of the party!

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
$1 to $25
4 Hours
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