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How to make Lego Minifigures with Lego Man yellow candy tubs. I used these yellow candy tubs to decorate my son’s eighth Lego Movie themed birthday party. However, there are so many fun ways you can use these yellow tub Lego men.

yellow man tub

For the Lego Movie party, I used these yellow tub DIY Lego Men to hold crayons for the Lego games, hold party game signs, and Lego party decorations all around the house. They would also be great for hiding object games. These darling yellow tub DIY Lego Men added a ton of personality and fun to the Lego Movie party.

yellow man prep ingredients

Materials Needed:

  • Red Vines Container
  • Cheese Puffs Container
  • Yellow Spray Paint

Free Printables:

yellow man jars

How to Make:

1. Gather plastic containers like a Red Vines or Cheese Puffs Container. Wash and Dry.

yellow man spray paint

2. Prep an area to spray paint your containers.

3. Spray your containers with yellow paint.

4. Allow to dry.

yellow man container

5. Use Free Printables for LEGO man faces.

Yellow Tub DIY Lego Man Minifigure from TipJunkie

Cut them out or use the entire mask.  I think they look great both ways!

yellow man tub

How to Use:

Hide objects in the containers for a games. Use them as holders for games signs (download the free printables above), or just use in anyway that works for your party decor!


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