32 Creative Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin


Decorating a pumpkin is one of my favorite activities to do with my children for Halloween.  Here are 24 creative ways to decorate a pumpkin as well as several pumpkin carving and jackolantern patterns.


Painted Pumpkin

1. Henna Pumpkins – These darling pumpkins are made with puff paint into beautiful henna shaped designs.
2. H.A.L.L.O.W.E.E.N. painted pumpkins with silhouette mice up the staircase is gorgeous!
3. Stamped & Decoupage Pumpkin – A pumpkin painted white and stamped with Halloween themed stamps.
4. Going to the Chapel Pumpkins – The top hat and bow-tie is made from poster board. I just hot glued it right onto the pumpkins.

pumpkin carving

Embellished Pumpkins

5.  White rub on decal pumpkins – Silver metallic craft paint (splattered these with a bit of black to make them look a bit more like aged mercury glass) another crown decal and more rub-ons.
6.  Fabric Flower Pumpkin – Decorate your pumpkin with the rosettes that you’ve created, the bow that you made and the vintage jewelry you’ve gathered and start placing them at the top to hide the tied pantyhose to give it a finished look.
7.  Designer pumpkin – Paint or use stencils to make a fun picture on your pumpkin.
8.  Black and white ribbon pumpkin – A fun tutorial on how to make this ribbon embellished pumpkin for your home.

pumpkin carving patterns

9.  Music Paper Pumpkin – An easy pumpkin tutorial made with spray adhesive and a plastic pumpkin.
10.  Pumpkin Bling – Made with ribbon, soldering wire, buttons, and paint.
11.  Ruffled Fabric Pumpkins – A great pattern on how to sew ruffled fabric pumpkins.
12.  Silver Leaf Pumpkins – A fun way to transform your $1 pumpkins and decorate them silver.

 pumpkin carving designs

13.  Nailhead Pumpkins – A really cool tutorial on how to monogram your pumpkin using nail heads.
14.  Fabric mod podged pumpkin – Pumpkins decorated with patterned fabric mod podged and embellished.
15. No Sew sweater pumpkin – How to repurpose an old sweater to make a gorgeously simply pumpkin.
16.  How to make a glitter pumpkin – An easy tutorial on how to bring depth into your typical glitter pumpkin.

pumpkin carving templates

17. Doily stenciled and monogrammed pumpkin – This is such a chic monogram and stenciled pumpkin with an easy pattern to follow.
18.  Polk-a-dot pumpkins – use a drill to get this pumpkin polka-a-dot look.
19.  Ric rac pumpkin – Here is a quick tutorial on how to use ric rack to embellish a pumpkin.
20.  Black, white, and silver glitter pumpkin centerpiece design.

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin

21.  Blackboard painted pumpkins – Indie Fixx prayed two coats of paint on her pumpkins to make them look so good.
22.  How to make chalkboard paint pumpkin tutorial from Thru My Peepers which also makes a fun activity for your children.
23.  I love all the faces on these darling chalkboard painted pumpkins.
24.  Pumpkin place card – Use chalkboard spray paint to create little pumpkin place cards.

Fabric Pumpkin Designs

Fabric Pumpkin Designs

25. Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin Pattern – You’ll love making these stuffed pumpkins that has fully illustrated pictures in the tutorial so you can make it at home.
26. T.P. Roll Pumpkins – A quick tutorial on how to make fabric pumpkins out of toilet paper rolls.
27.  Sack pumpkin pattern that has step by step instructions from Sunshine in My Soul.
28.  How to sew fabric pumpkins with patterns and pictured tutorials for each step.

pumpkin carving patterns

Printable Pumpkin Patterns

29. Toothy Grin Pumpkin – This pumpkin has the devious smile of the Grinch.  I just had to show it to you.
30.  Family Fun pumpkin carving templates
31.   eHow printable pumpkin patterns
32.  Better Home and Gardens printable pumpkin templates

Pumpkin Carving Patterns

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  1. Wonderful post with GREAT ideas -thanks! I am going to try a henna version and the chalkboard paint pumpkin as well.

  2. These are awesome! We started decorating for Halloween today and I was searching for new ideas for our pumpkins this year. Thanks for so many great ideas!!

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