Random Acts of Kindness: Blessing Bag Cards

Great random acts of kindness idea! Quickly print off these free printable ziplock toppers to create blessing bags with your church or youth group.

Print these free blessing bag cards as ziplock toppers for a little gift to hand out to kids for a random act of kindness.

Simply fill a quart ziplock bag full of goodies, small toys, candy, favorite quotes, or a scripture or two to make an easy blessing bag for teenagers.  Then print, cut, and fold this topper over the sealed ziplock bag.  The kids can hand these out to anyone the see that might enjoy an act of kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness

acts of kindness cardsEHprint Download File Here:
Blessing Bag Ziplock Topper_Quart (266 downloads) ,
Blessing Bag Ziplock Topper_Sandwich (145 downloads)

I’m working with the youth again at church and the girls wanted to make blessing bags.  However, I felt like they were combining two ideas into one.  For instance, they wanted to do blessing bags but not for the homeless.  The girls want to be able to do random acts of kindness by passing out little bags of candy and quotes to kids at school.

So I quickly threw together these free printable random acts of kindness cards that you can use any way you want.  I used them as Ziplock toppers.  I feel like it beautify’s the gift while also explaining why they received it.

How To Make RAOK Blessing Bags:

A random act of kindness is exactly what is says… doing something kind for someone else without any expectation in return.  It’s a simple way to pay it forward so to speak.

P.S.  ROAK is short for Random Acts of Kindness

The girls wanted to make something ahead of time that they can pass out at school for anyone they think might need a pick me up or random act of kindness.

Step 1.  Print Random Acts of Kindness Card

acts of kindness for kids free printable tag

First, decide what size Ziplock bag you will need.  We decided to use the Quart size.  Then print out the free file on cardstock or photo paper. {link above}

Two Sizes:

I’ve included both the quart and sandwich sized Ziplock bags just in case.  My ziplock topper template was for a sandwich Ziplock bag however the items the church youth want to add will take more space.  That’s why you get both.  {wink}

Three Different Titles:

As a mom of all boys, I could’t decide what to title the blessing bags.  I know it’s silly.  Therefore each file has a few title options.

  • Happy Vibes
  • Handful of Happy
  • Blessing Bag

Pick the one that you like the most.

Step 2.  Cut Random Acts of Kindness Card

random act of kindness cards to print

Once the file has been printed on cardstock or photo paper then cut it out.   Cut along the rectangle shape.  There will be 2 random acts of kindness cards per sheet.  Feel free to print as many cards as you need.

Step 3.  Fold Random Acts of Kindness Card

Fold the random acts of kindness cards in half.  They should be the same width as your Ziplock bag.  {crossing fingers}  If not, maybe unckeck “print to page width” and just print as default.

Step 4.  Fill Bag With Goodies

You can fill your bag with anything you’d like.  The girls at church want to fill it with candy like smarties, dumb dumb suckers, hershey kisses, and jolly ranchers. I bought a bunch of play rings to bling it up a big. {giggle}  We will also add a few quotes and scriptures.

Step 5.  Staple Random Acts of Kindness Card

Don’t staple yet!  You want to fill your bag up with goodies first and then you can add two staples to the bottom of the random acts topper.

Step 6.  Random Acts Blessing Bags

Now you have a blessing bag full of goodies, small toys, candy, favorite quotes, or a scripture for teenagers.  Hopefully it will brighten their day and inspire them along the way!

Enjoy. Sorry my images aren’t edited and the background is floral.  {giggle} I threw this together really quickly for the girls and wanted you to be able to enjoy it too.  My son has a mandatory band event the night the girls are putting it together so I don’t have a final image either.  {d’oh!}

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