Fun Reading Games: Learn While They Play! [exclusive offer]


Is learning to read a treat in your home? It was not in mine. I really enjoy a good book and I honestly thought that teaching my kids to read would not only be easy, but that it would be fun. {snort}  I quickly realized that not only is it much harder than I ever realized it would be, but that it can be head-bangingly frustrating, too. I thought that reading to my kids every night and using flash cards would be enough and the teacher would do the rest. {{bwaahaa ~ it’s ok to judge me, I was so naive.}

Reading Eggs Fun Reading Games Your Kids Will Play

Thanks to the frank advice of an amazing teacher, I used my boys love of screen time to educate and teach.  Now that they are older and solid readers I can clearly see how we have benefited from that program.  So, when Reading Eggs approached me about a partnership with them to get the word out about their award-winning program, I couldn’t wait to have my sister and her children try it out.  Read on to Learn More!

The folks at Reading Eggs blew me away with their generosity because they offered to give every
Tip Junkie Reader a FREE TRIAL to READING EGGS!


What is Reading Eggs?

Reading Eggs is an educational website packed full of great interactive, award-winning, online reading programs for kids that’s super fun. It’s designed for kids aged 2-13, so no matter where they fall on the reading spectrum from pre-school age or toddler age or older, there is something for them! The highly engaging program will improve their reading as well as reading comprehension in just weeks. Kids won’t even realize they are learning when they play the games, do the lessons, activities, and read aloud on Reading Eggs.

Cool Things to Know as a Mom:

I know my boys’ teachers don’t play around and are no-joke when it comes to learning.  So if they feel like it’s worth their time in the classroom then count me in too.

Learn to read with Reading Eggs – the multi award winning online reading program for 3 – 13 year olds.
You can try it for FREE! {click link}

Fun Reading Games

Wondering how Reading Eggs actually works “in action?” I wondered this as well! Before I introduced the program to you, I wanted to make sure it worked and that it was fun. I played around with the program, but I already know how to read. I wanted to get the perspective of upcoming readers. I wanted to cover my bases and make sure that I was recommending a product that I could stand behind, because y’all know I’m serious about what I recommend. {fist bumps} Here’s what Lisa {my sister} had to say about Reading Eggs.

Reading Eggs Fun Learning Games

Our Experience:  We LOVED It!

“Reading Eggs has changed the conversations at my house! My 4 year old has started recognizing the letters and sounds in everyday words. Yesterday was “Mom, french fry is ffffff F!” Her confidence and excitement is contagious because my 2 year old toddler, who has delayed speech, has started playing Reading Eggs, too. One of the games called The Matching Game slowly repeats the words once it is clicked and my son who refuses to repeat me has started repeating the words from Reading Eggs! Now I just need the game to say “help”, “yes”, and “you’re the best Mom ever” (Lol)! Thank you, Reading Eggs for bringing fun and learning to our home!” ~ Lisa {Laurie’s Sister}

Aren’t my Niece and Nephew so adorable!?!?

reading eggs 4 Week Free Trial

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Ready for Your Free Trial?

The Reading Eggs Free Trial really is FREE. You don’t have to provide a credit card and full privacy is guaranteed. If you sign up before November 30th, you’ll get 4 weeks access to the entire program which includes:

  • Reading Eggs Junior ~ the brand new early learning program for toddlers ages 2–4 that builds essential pre-reading skills like abc reading.
  • Reading Eggs ~ helps children ages 3 –7 learn how to read by building phonics skills like phonemic awareness, sight word recognition and more.
  • Reading Eggpress ~ with over 2500 e-books in the library, 7– 13 year olds will further develop their comprehension, reading skills, vocabulary, spelling and grammar skills.
  • Mathseeds ~ where children ages 3–9 learn and develop early numeracy skills in a fun and highly motivating way.

I know you’re super busy but don’t wait!  You’ll want to enjoy all this free trial has to offer.

View all 11 episodes of The Eggsperts 3D cartoon series for kids at Reading Eggs

Play Games = Learn Phonics

Your child can join the reading eggspress eggsperts on their fun-filled adventures to amazing lands while learning letters of the alphabet, essential phonics skills, and key sight words with heaps of songs and tongue-twisting fun! Awesome, right?

Fun Reading Games Learn While They Play [exclusive offer]

Bonus, If you use Ebates to purchase a subscription after your free trial is up, you can also get 5% cash back. {affiliate}

This is a sponsored post written by me {Laurie} on behalf of Reading Eggs.  All opinions are absolutely my own. {knuckle bumps}

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