Recipe For Vanilla Extract Kit {homemade gift}


Have you ever wondered how to make vanilla?  If so, then you’re in luck because today we’re learning the recipe for vanilla and making this really cool homemade gift, a vanilla extract kit!

Recipe For Vanilla

Make Vanilla Extract Kit

Hi Tip Junkie readers! Courtney here, from to share a fun DIY with you!

How often is wine given at a dinner party or as a quick little gift? Entirely too often! Get creative and give something unique and different next time. A vanilla extract kit is perfect because it’s easy, cute, and lasts a lot longer than a bottle of vino. Your baking friends will especially thank you as making your own vanilla extract means it’s pure of artificial flavoring and preservatives. I have made my own vanilla extract for years and it makes such a difference in my baking!

What you will need:

Bottle (even an old soda bottle will work! Anything where you can put between 15 to 24 ounces in)
Glue Gun
Vanilla Beans (2)

Step 1: Print a cute label for your bottle! I made mine quickly using a free downloadable printable from Download & Print.  You can easily just open Word and print up the quick instructions. Here is what the label should say…

“Vanilla Extract Kit: Split beans lengthwise, Fill bottle with Vodka, store in cool/dark place for 2+ months, Enjoy!”

Step 2: Cut and hot glue the label onto your bottle. An even easier way would be to print on sticker paper so you can easily peel and stick your label onto the bottle!

Step 3: Insert 2 Vanilla Beans (these can be found at your grocery store)

Step 4: Embellish with some ribbon for a festive touch! Easy as pie!

If you need some delicious recipes to try your vanilla extract out on, check over on Pizzazzerie for recipes like cupcake skewers and red velvet whoopie pies (perfect for Valentine’s Day!)

Thanks Tip Junkie Readers for letting me share this little DIY idea with you!

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  1. Do you take the beans out after the 2+ months or do you leave them in until you have used all the vanilla?

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