20 Recipes for Fabulous Fudge


Wondering how to make Fabulous Fudge Recipes perfect for gifting giving or just holiday baking? I’ve got your back with several recipes to take holiday fudge making to a whole new level!  The best thing about fudge is that you make add so many things for amazing variations.  Some of the tasty recipes include salted caramel fudge, gingerbread oreo fudge, pumpkin fudge, egg nog fudge, easy fudge recipes, low carb fudge recipes, plus recipes using candy bars!  There is nothing quite like fudge, and these recipes will give you tons of ideas on how to make it spectacular.  {{knuckle bumps}}

Recipes for Fabulous Fudge

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Fudge Recipes

salted caramel fudge-png

1.  Easy Salted Caramel Fudge ~ If you like easy, peasy, then this recipe is for you!  Rumor has it that this fudge is as EASY as it is DELICIOUS! If you love sweet and salty like I do, this recipe is a winner!


2.  Gingerbread Oreo Fudge ~ This fudge recipe is made with seasonal Oreos, you have have to strike while the iron is hot.  When you see the gingerbread Oreos on the shelves, be sure to pick up a box so that you can make this lovely recipe!


3.  Pumpkin Fudge ~ I love that this recipe is simple!  You won’t need a candy thermometer or special equipment to make this delicious pumpkin fudge recipe!


4.  Eggnog Fudge ~  I’ve never tried eggnog fudge, but it’s definitely on my list.  This recipe for eggnog fudge can be made in about 30 minutes and you have a yummy edible gift.  {score}


5.  Low Carb Fruit and Nut Fudge ~ This is a great recipe for low carb lovers using low carb sweetened condensed milk!  Looks like a good one!


6.  Winter White Red Velvet Fudge ~ The swirling may take a bit of technique by these red velvet swirled fudge pieces look divine.

Fudge Made with Candy Bars

Reeses fudge-png

7.  Reese’s Fudge ~ Made with just 3 ingredients, this Reese’s Fudge tastes just like the inside of Reese’s Pieces! It’s so super easy to make, too!


8.  Malt Ball Fudge ~ This Malt Ball Fudge recipe is filled with rich chocolate Ovaltine and chopped candy, so you know it’s delicious.


9.  4 Ingredient Rocky Road Fudge Recipe ~ You’ll just need 4 ingredients to make this fudge that looks so amazing my mouth is watering.  Looks almost better than a Rocky Road candy bar.


10.  No Bake Mint Oreo Fudge ~ This rich, creamy peppermint fudge filled and sprinkled with chocolatey Oreo cookies creation looks heavenly….and best of all, it’s no bake!


11.  Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Fudge ~ This Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Fudge is perfect for peanut butter lovers! It contains smooth peanut butter fudge filled with Nutter Butter cookies. Yep! This took fudge to a whole new level.


easy fudge recipe-png

12.  Easy Fudge Recipe ~ For a great recipe for a beginner, try this one. No thermometer. You can make it in the microwave. You can easily customize it to make different kinds. It’s Fast. It’s Easy. It’s Delicious. Plus, there’s no failing.


13.  Orange Julius Fudge ~ Inspired by the Orange Julius dring, this fudge recipe has my mouth watering.  It’s the perfect gift for friends that remember going to the mall to get Orange Julius’!


14.  Cherry Fudge with Dark Chocolate ~ For cherry and dark chocolate lovers, this recipe looks like your go-to.  It has smooth cherry fudge with chunks of dried cherries, and it’s topped with dark chocolate! Yummy.


15.  Cotton Candy Fudge ~ This recipe isn’t necessarily winter seasonal, but I can’t help but think of the delight of a child upon receiving this recipe, can you?  It actually incorporates cotton candy in it!

white chocolate mint fudge-jpg

16.  White Chocolate Mint Fudge ~ This recipe is less sweet than most fudge recipes and tastes more like cheesecake.  {{yum}}  Plus, the addition of mint extract gives it a wintery flavor but you can edit it out if you prefer pure chocolate!

How to Make Fudge


17.  Easy Nutella Fudge ~ Everyone loves Nutella, so this easy recipe is a must have this holiday season!


18.  Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge ~ I LOVE that this chocolate peanut butter fudge is made it the microwave. Plus, it’s an edible gift from your kitchen you can have made in no time!  What’s not to adore?


19.  Easy Homemade Fudge Recipe ~ Here’s a great easy, basic homemade fudge recipe. You can mix it up a bit by adding walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts or pecans. Or, if you really want to make it interesting, you can add candied jalapenos, like the baker did.  {{wow}}


20.  Creamy Low-Carb Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge ~ This only makes a small batch, but it’s great for those that are eating low carb!

20 Recipes for Fabulous Fudge

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Fudge Recipes

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