14 Recipes for Jelly Roll Cakes


Easy cakes to bake that will knock their socks off!  These jelly roll cake recipes are all homemade so you can learn how to make rolled cake recipes for all of the holidays.  Everyone feels more special with a homemade treat and they always taste better too!  {{wink}}  Here are amazing sponge roll cake recipe complete with lots of pictures so you can make them at home for your friends and family.

As always, the Tip Junkie Crafty Food site has hundreds of How To Make Jelly Roll Cakes pictured tutorials for you to make. You can always search there if you’’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

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Jelly Roll Cake Recipes

Chocolate Cream Swiss Roll

1.  Chocolate Cream Swiss Roll ~ Just like Little Debbie’s swiss rolls, this decadent rolled cake consists of a chocolate sponge cake, creme filling and topped with ganache glaze. 

Tiramisu Cake Roll

2.  Tiramisu Cake Roll ~ An espresso flavored sponge cake filled with mascarpone cheese and brushed with coffee-liqueur syrup. 

Red Velvet Cake Roll

3.  Red Velvet Cake Roll ~ This delectable dessert has the signature flavor of Red Velvet from the chocolate flavored cake and filled with a cream cheese filling.

Snoball Cake Roll

4.  Snoball Cake Roll ~ This Snoball Cake Roll is similar to Hostess’s.  It contains the dark chocolate sponge cake, marshmallow buttercream and pink sweetened coconut.  

Raspberry Swiss Roll

5.  Raspberry Swiss Roll ~ Not only is this Raspberry Swiss Roll absolutely gorgeous it sounds amazingly delicious!  It’s made with ground almonds, potato flour and filled with raspberry jam and whipping cream.

Rolled Cake Recipes

Berrylicious Cake Roll

6.  Berrylicious Roll Cake ~ Now that fresh berries are in season, this fruit roll cake is the perfect dessert to make and they pair perfectly with this light and moist sponge cake.

Peach Cake Roll

7.  Peach Cake Roll ~ Instead of a cream filling this cake roll is filled with ice cream.

Carrot Cake Roll

8.   Carrot Cake Roll ~ Whether you need to whip up a cake for a birthday or a dinner party this carrot cake with cream cheese filling will fit the bill.  And, since there is fruit in this I’’m going to go ahead and say it’’s fine to eat the leftovers for breakfast, too. {wink}!

Banana Roll Cake

9.  Banana Roll Cake ~ A sliced up roll cake is used to make a gorgeous summer confection that’s filled with fresh bananas and vanilla pudding.

Strawberry Jelly Roll Cake

Strawberry Jelly Roll Cake

10.  Strawberry Jelly Roll Cake ~ This Strawberry Jelly Roll Cake is a keeper!  It’s a cake layered with mascarpone cheese and fresh strawberries and rolled up.

Sponge Roll Cake Recipes

Lemon Cake Roll

11.  Lemon Cake RollA lemon cake and lemon whipped cream filling rolled up into a perfectly luscious cake.

Raspberry Filled Jelly Roll

12.  Raspberry Filled Jelly Roll ~ Only 30 minutes from start to finish to make this classic jelly roll cake. It’s a thin yellow cake, spread with raspberry jam, rolled and dusted with powdered sugar.

Pink Velvet Roulade

13.  Pink Velvet Roulade ~ Rose gel food dye gives this cake the scrumptious color and is filled with swiss buttercream filling.  

Patterned Swiss Roll Recipe

14.  Patterned Swiss Roll Recipe ~ Learn the tips and tricks to making a patterned sponge cake that looks exquisite when rolled up.  You could even make stripes or words.  The skies the limit.


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