Darling Repurposed Childrens Clothing


As I was searching for something completely unrelated, I kept coming across the most darling repurposed and embelished clothing for kiddos.  What a cool idea!

Today, I hope you are inspired to repurpose something in your own home.  Be sure to tell these ec0-friendly ladies the Tip Junkie sent ya!


1.  Kristin’s big sister tank top
2.  Ashley’s block print toddler skirt
3.  Cute bloomers for your baby or toddler
4. Michelle’s men’s t-shirt to a little girls skirt


5. Ruffled skirt from shorts
6.  Rozzi’s making toddler jean shorts from your cutoffs
7.   Tank top turned into a baby dress
8.  Natasha’s mommy to baby drawstring pants


9.  Twirly jean skirt I found on U Create
10.  Leslie’s pillowcase dress tutorial
11.  Girls dress made out of a mans shirt
12.  Bubble Dress Tutorial from My Mama Made It


a. TJ Mom-preneur Shops: Pepperblossom Decor
b. EH Mom-preneur Shops 1st Birthday Tutu Shop
c. Visit Our Peeps Pepperberry & Co.
d. TJ Giveaway Directory: Duffle Your Bag Labor Bag
e. Executive Homemaker:  Song Box


  1. Comment-Anonymous Lacie E

    I am always in awe of the talent so many women have!!

  2. 2
  3. Comment-Anonymous Sabrina Lawrence

    I am lookign for great ideas for a Hollywood theme party for my 11 year old. Got any?

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