Reward Your Readers, Don’t Bribe Them! {Day 14}


As a blogger, you are creating original content, which you want tons of people to read, and my step-by-step guide to get paid for your content shows you how.  In the next few months I’m inviting real bloggers who have studied my my workshop, Mom Blog to Money Blog to share their honest, unbiased opinions about the workshop, and you can see for yourself if it’s worth it to shell out the cash.


Mom Blog to Money Blog Review ~ Day 14

I can not tell you how many times a day I get asked questions on how to make money with a blog.  It breaks my heart that I can’t clone myself to give everyone a one-on-one consultation or respond to every email or notification I receive.  Therefore, I sat down for 4 weeks and wrote everything I know about blogging in this course, Mom Blog to Money Blog.

It’s an online workshop with a one-time membership fee, which is a one year membership, no strings attached, and no hidden fees.  It’s straight from my heart spilling all my secrets, with 16 printable checklists, and 21 how-to video’s.  My hope was to make you feel like I was right there next to you and walking you through the process.  {hugs}

So, are you ready to  get paid for your talent and writing writing and bring home the bacon?  I’ll show you how.  {{click the links for more info.}}

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Day Fourteen’s focus in the Mom Blog to Money Blog is all about rewarding your readers!  We want to entice readers to find us from many different social media platforms and direct them to one particular page {{that we already have set up}} so they can subscribe or like our blog THEN receive their freebie.  See how the reward system works?  Everyone wins!  {{wink}}

I’ll teach with how:

  • to make a Facebook Like Freebie {{with a video}}
  • how to upload your beautiful PDF file to your blog,
  • and how to get an RSS feed email sign up on your blog

Kids Activities Blog ~ Review of Day 14

kids activity blog

Holly Homer runs Kids Activities Blog because motherhood is fun.  Holly has three boys and knows the necessity for kids to expend energy in positive ways and Kids Activities Blog is all about including play into everyday life.

“Adding a freebie to my RSS feed sign up was blog-changing!”

Adding a freebie to my RSS feed sign up was blog-changing! In the first full month, I had over 2500 additional subcribers! In the nearly 4 months I have been using this technique, our list has tripled.

Do I need to change by FB or RSS feed sign up freebies regularly?

Question for Laurie:  Do I need to change my FB or RSS feed sign up freebies on a regular basis?

Answer by Laurie:  Nope. That’s the beauty of this sytem. Once you set it up, you’re actually done. {snicker} Your goal is to get new readers to sign up for Facebook or your RSS email feed, so there’s no need to change it. Once these new readers sign up ~ your goal has been accomplished! {high fives} If you’re bored with your feebie, then I would use that energy to create a ‘loyalty freebie’ for readers you want to activate or to accomplish a different goal. For instance, commenting on blog posts, sharing your FB status updates, Retweeting, or playing along with you on Instagram using your hashtag. With that said… if you’re feebie doesn’t accomplish your goal, then yes, you should change it. This would be an indication that your new readers don’t need, want, or like your freebie. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

“MBMB Will Simplify Your Blogging Life!”

“Buy Laurie’s course because it will simplify your blogging life!”

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