7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Roast Chestnuts Day


If you like roast chestnuts as much a we do, then TODAY (December 14th) is your day! It’s Roast Chestnuts Day! Today is set aside to celebrate Roast Chestnuts, and you’d better believe we are going to do it by roasting some chestnuts! We are celebrating ROAST CHESTNUTS DAY, and we want you to join us! Do you like celebrating year round? If you don’t like to wait for major national holidays to roll around, then start celebrating the lesser known holidays {like Roast Chestnuts Day!}

Did you know that just about every day of the year has been designated as a “holiday”? Celebrating the wacky and fun day can bring tons of enjoyment. That’s why we are planning on making every day a holiday. Here are a few Fun Ways to Celebrate Roast Chestnuts Day!

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Roast Chestnuts Day

Roast Chestnuts Day

What is Roast Chestnuts Day? Well, Roast Chestnuts Day is a day set aside to enjoy roast chestnuts! It originated in 2015 so it’s a brand new holiday. The holiday was started because so many people have never even tasted a chestnut even though they heard of “chestnuts roasting over an open fire..”

What is a chestnut you ask? Well, a chestnut is a tree! It’s actually a group of deciduous trees native to the Northern Hemisphere which produce edible nuts also called chestnuts. The nuts are what are roasted “over an open fire” and then eaten.

We can’t think of a better day than today to ROAST CHESTNUTS! Here are some ways we came up with to celebrate the day. Be sure to check out the other fun and wacky December holidays you can celebrate with us!

roast chestnuts

How Are You Going to Celebrate?

How are you going to celebrate Roast Chestnuts Day? We are going to try some chestnut recipes!

roast chestnuts

Roast Chestnuts Recipes to Make
roasted chestnuts recipe

1.  Roasted Chestnuts Recipe {2-Ways} ~ Learn how to roast chestnuts both plain and seasoned. There is an art to roasting chestnuts, but it’s easier than you might imagine!

roasted chestnut soup

2. Roasted Chestnut, Carrot, and Curry Soup ~ Making soup with chestnuts is a great way to warm up on cold winter nights while infusing your food with the delicious flavor of chestnuts. Yummy.

mini bundt chestnut roasts

3. Mini Bundt Chestnut Roasts ~ It doesn’t have to be Christmas to serve these Mini Bundt Chestnut Roasts with Sage Gravy! These lovely main vegetarian dishes are lovely and delicious!

gluten free chestnut cookies

4. Gluten Free Roasted Chestnut Cookies ~ Rich in roasted chestnut flavor, these gluten free cookies are delicious dipped in chocolate!!!

Chestnut Roasting Gifts

chestnut pan

5. Chestnut Roasting Pan ~ (affiliate link used) Chestnut roasting pans are actually kind of hard to find in the United States so you’ll love this one that’s not too pricey but makes perfect roasted chestnuts!


6. Apron ~ (affiliate link used) Protect your clothing while you roast your chestnuts with this ultra chic apron!

chestnut bakeware

7. Ceramic Bakeware Dish ~ (affiliate link used) If you love Anthropologie as much as I do, then you’ll can’t go wrong serving your roasted chestnuts in this dish!

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