Rocket Birthday Party



Rocket Birthday Party: Here is an agenda as well as jet pack instructions and food suggestions for a rocket birthday party.

10:30 Color Space Shuttle
10:45 Hand out Jet Packs


10:47 Intergalactic Treasure Hunt

* Find rocket (I had a large rocket, just like the Gift box above, in a room)
* Black Hole (Room with lights off and a black light.)


* Nebula Galaxy (The main room w/ decorated ceiling)


* Space Storm (Room with tons of white streamers hanging from ceiling and a fan going. I taped long strands of streamers to fishing line and hung the fishing line from one wall to another.)


11:00 Eat
* Shooting Star Sandwiches (Any kind of sandwich cut with a star cookie cutter.)
* Alien Eggs (Hardboiled eggs)
* UFO Space ships (Beagle spread with cream cheese, banana cut into circles spread around beagle, and a hardboiled egg in the middle.)

11:15 Racing Cloud Contest
* Cotton balls
* Spoons

11:25 Rocket Balloon Races
11:35 Present Time


11:40 Cake


EHprint Print Free File: Download

Make these awesome jet packs for each guest at the party:

1. 2 two-liter soda bottles filled with “styrophome peanuts”
2. Attached bottles together with several different colors of tape
3. Straps are made with duct tape.
4. Cut an X at the bottom of each red pastic cup (need 2 per pack)and attach to the spout of the bottle upside down. (I used hot glue.)
5. Tape red and orange tissue paper (inside the cup) and cut ends to look like flames.


  1. Comment-Anonymous Mary

    What a wonderful, modern theme for a birthday party! Very creative! What were some of the comments of the birthday child and guests?
    When my children were younger I enjoyed having their birthday parties at our house and was inspired by a creative friend of mine who was a kindergarten teacher. It was fun to come up with ideas and my children enjoyed adding their ideas and planning their party. Thank you for the excellent photos and descriptions and directions. Congratulations!

  2. 2
  3. Comment-Anonymous Mary

    And the healthy food!

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