10 Science Experiments to Make with Halloween Candy


Cool science experiments for kids which are fun things to do with Halloween candy.  These cool science experiments using candy include exploding peep geysers, dancing worms, sink or float, will it melt, STEM experiments, candy corn experiment, candy potions and spooky pop rocks.  Let’s face it, what child doesn’t love to mix, pour and create something exciting?!  {{snicker}}  

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We’ve taken away all the guess work on science experiments with these incredible tutorials. For even more sensory and boredom buster activities Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 400 tutorials. You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Science Experiments Using Candy

Exploding Peep Geyser

1.  Exploding Peep Geyser ~ Kids will love watching an exploding geyser with this simple experiment using peeps and an empty plastic bottle.

Candy Corn Science Experiment

2.  Candy Corn Science Experiment ~ A great way to teach your child how to hypothesize.  Will the candy corn dissolve in water?  What happens after it is heated?

Building Structures with Candy Pumpkins

3. Building Structures with Candy Pumpkins ~ Using just gummy pumpkins and toothpicks children can see how tall they can build.  

Dancing Frankenworms

4.  Dancing Frankenworms ~ Learn how to make candy worms dance using a baking soda and vinegar solution.

Sink or Float Candy Experiment

5.  Sink or Float Candy Experiment ~ Will it sink or float?  Label, chart and make a prediction if the candy bar will sink or float.

Candy Science Experiments

Spooky Pop Rocks and Soda Experiment

6.  Spooky Pop Rocks and Soda Experiment ~ Your kids will love this science experiment! With the help of soda and pop rocks the latex glove inflates, leaving you will a fun toy and a great hands on learning experience! 

Candy Potions

7.  Candy Potions ~ Kids will love this mixing and pouring experiment using their Halloween candy.  You can use any non-chocolate candy to see how the candy dissolves, expands and combines colors when mixed.

Testing Solubility with Skittles

8.  Testing Solubility with Skittles ~ Test skittles in different agents like vinegar, baby oil, rubbing alcohol and water to see if they dissolve.

Candy Chromatography

9.  Candy Chromatography ~ Watch as the dye separates from Nerds once water is added.   It’s double the fun with a science experiment and artwork.

Kid Science Experiments

Will it Melt? Candy Experiment

10.  Will it Melt? Candy Experiment ~ This is a great post with an idea that could double as both a science lesson and just plain fun using Halloween candy and an ice cube tray.  Easy to do and super fun to see!

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