Secret Agent Spy Party


We had a grand time with 20 kids in our home sweet home for the Secret Agent Spy birthday party.

I made a Secret Spy Candy Buffet as a special treat for all the hard-working agents.

I scattered bullet shells, top secret labels, and handcuffs around the tables. I put up bullet hole stickers throughout the house. We pulled CRIME SCENE yellow tape across doors.

I enlarged some fingerprint and question mark clip art and edited the photos by tinting them different shades to color match them. I attached them to corresponding scrapbook paper and hung them from the ceiling.

I made custom water bottle labels for the kids.

I took mini chocolate donuts and put cut licorice into each hole to make BABY BOMBS!

I set out a Clue Jr. Game to play at leisure.
Upon arrival, each guest was given their professional Secret Agent ID tagged and they were fingerprinted for security.

Party Favors included: Dark Glasses, Agent Hats, Magnifying glasses, compasses and whistles, red lights, detective bands, and a trip through the candy buffet.

Secret Agent Spy Party
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