Top 10 Semi-Homemade Food Gifts {made with love}


We’re on a roll with more fabulous recipes with homemade and semi-homemade food gifts.  You’ll love these Top 10 easy and creative ways you can package up something yummy to make the perfect semi-homemade gift idea!

Hello Tip Junkie readers! I’m Toni from Design Dazzle. A big thank you to Laurie for inviting me to be a part of Top 10 Holiday Trends. I’ve been giving out Homemade or Semi-Homemade Christmas Food Gifts for years!  A simple inexpensive food gift can look fantastic with a little bit of effort. TIP: It’s all in the packaging : ) Here are a few ideas to help you with some last minutes food gift ideas.


Caramel in a Can

This is a super easy gift. The caramel sauce is made by boiling UNOPENED sweetened condensed milk. Easy, peasy! The trick is making sure the cans are completely covered with water at all times (the cans will burst if not covered in water). I’ve made caramel in a can many times. Michelle Underwood designed these adorable caramel sauce labels. The printable labels, instructions and ideas are found here.

This easy to make candy is a yummy classic. The trick to making peppermint bark is using good-quality white chocolate.  Recipe and image from here.

Homemade Food Gifts

Rice Krispy Treats

Who doesn’t looovve Krispy Treats? Krispy Treat Gifts from here.

Free printable topper

Frozen Cookie Dough Gift

Make your own holiday gifts with kids. Inside these cutely decorated packages are frozen cookie dough rolls. Who doesn’t like cookie dough? The idea behind this gift is… the recipient can eat the gift as is (cookie dough) or can bake it when they feel like having fresh baked cookies! My frozen cookie dough rolls lasted a couple of months in the freezer (they were well wrapped with freezer paper). Instructions and tips are found at Design Dazzle.

Candy Bar Snowman

These free a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. snowman wrappers are wrapped around a Hershey bar. The hats and scarves are made out of fleece. The snowman wrappers can be found and downloaded here.

Paper Candy Cones

Martha shows how to make the cones with 7 1/4 inch squares of red card stock. Make your own caramel candies or purchase them to fill the candy cones. Instructions to make simple but elegant candy-filled cones.

Bottle Wraps

Bottle wraps make for a great holiday hostess gift. Use them on Martinelli’s or a bottle of wine.  Image from here .

Hot Cocoa Mix or Snowman Soup

Snowman soup is a kid-friendly gift to make for friends, neighbors, etc. What is Snowman Soup? It’s hot chocolate mix! Free printable Snowman Soup labels.

Bread in a Can

A yummy treat  – bread in a can. Try different recipes… zucchini bread, banana bread, etc. Image and instructions from here.

Spiced Cider Mix and Cider

Many years ago we made a bunch of  spider cider mixes with apple juice and gave as gifts. We had many comments on how much they loved the cider and mix – it’s unique!! Also very easy for the kids to help make. A good holiday tradition is getting your kids involved with making of holiday gifts. Recipe and tutorial found here.

One last idea that isn’t a food item…but it’s SPECTACULAR!!

Thrill your kids this Christmas!
Catch Santa in your home!! How will your kids doubt Santa when they see a picture of him in their very own home?!! This is such a cool idea and very easy to do. Check out Design Dazzle for more info.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Once again..I love it all!! Such great ideas I am having a hard time choosing my favorites but the kids will get a kick out of the pictures of Santa in our home.

  2. Laurie, I’m addicted to your site. You don’t skip a beat. You cover everylittle thing there is to do. The ideas are always fresh and exciting. So glad I found this. I need some ideas for the teachers. I like the snowman wrapped around the candy bar. Cute!

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