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Sewing Periodic Table Printable


This free printable is cute and creative.  It would be a great addition to any craft or sewing room.  You could also put it in a frame and gift to someone with an affinity for sewing.

Click here to print:  Periodic Table of Sewing Elements

PeriodicTable Sewing

Sewing Periodic Table Printable


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  1. as far as I can tell this is no longer available. Wish those that have a link would either correct it or delete.

  2. I am an avid sewer AND a chemistry teacher! This is so perfect, thank you!!

  3. I am not a sewer…matter of fact I have always said it I can not make it with glue, tape or staples then I will not be making it…heheheee
    BUT, the Sewing Periodic Table Printable is really cute!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

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