How To Sew: 7 Sewing Tutorials With The Pleated Poppy


hi! i’m lindsey with the pleated poppy! thanks much to laurie for asking me to share some of my favorite sewing tutorials i’ve done with you! If you are learning how to sew,  most of these can be done at beginner levels all the way up to advanced sew-ers. you can put your own twist on all of these and have fun!

How To Sew a Cape

personalized super hero cape – this is an easy, fun project that any little super hero would love!

basic pillow – this is a quick tutorial for sew-ers of any skill level.

Easy Tutorials for Ruffles

ruffled tank – i made these for little girls, but would also be great for an adult size shirt as well! its also an easy fix for covering up stains!

embellished tee – another super easy project that you can totally put your own twist on

More Sewing Tutorials

strip quilt – i break all the rules when it comes to traditional quilting 😉

bloom bag – take any canvas bag and transform it into something original!

crayon roll – one of the most satisfying projects you’ll ever do! a bit time consuming, but so worth it!

thanks so much and happy sewing!


  1. Comment-Anonymous Amy

    Thanks so much! Dying to make a cape for my 3 year old nephew!

  2. Comment-Anonymous Crystal & Co

    Is there a tutorial for the crayola bag? When I click it directs me to the purse tutorial.

  3. Comment-Anonymous lindsey - the pleated poppy

    so sorry about the wrong link for the crayon roll! here’s the correct one:


  4. Comment-Anonymous melissa

    oh yay! i’ve totally been wanting to make a cape for my little one! now i have the tutorial.

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