17 Sidewalk Chalk Creations for Creative Photography


You don’t have to be an artist to have fun with sidewalk chalk! Sidewalk chalk is now more fun than ever with these tutorials on how to make chalk and creative photography ideas.  There’s no need for your kids to be bored during Summer vacation with these chalk drawings and sidewalk art.

We’ve taken away all the guess work on sidewalk chalk creations with these incredible tutorials. For even more chalk activities Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 107 tutorials. You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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Chalk Drawings

Sandcastle Chalk Drawing

1.  Sandcastle Chalk Drawing ~ You don’t need the sand to make a sandcastle.  Instead, draw one on the driveway.

Ocean Fun Sidewalk Art

2.  Ocean Fun Sidewalk Art ~ Under the sea fun with chalk and a swim suit.

Sidewalk Chalk Butterfly

3.  Sidewalk Chalk Butterfly ~ Draw the wings of a butterfly and have your child pose in the center as the body.  So adorable!

Name Sidewalk Chalk Art

4.  Name Sidewalk Chalk Art ~ How fun is this interactive name drawing?!  Use this idea for the first day of school with your child’s grade.

3-D Chalk Art

5.  3-D Chalk Art ~ Draw a city scape and use your child as the super hero!

Sidewalk Chalk Pictures

Teacher Appreciation Chalk Picture

6.  Teacher Appreciation Chalk Picture ~ Thank you for helping me grow!  An inexpensive keepsake for your teacher.  Frame it for a simple gift your teacher is sure to love.

Father's Day Photo

7.  Father’s Day Photo ~ How cool would it be to do the same picture year after year and dad can see the progression of your children’s growth?

Alien Chalk Art

8.  Alien Chalk Art ~ Daddy, you’re out of this world.  A fun Father’s Day photo prop where your children can be the aliens.

Sidewalk Art

Sidewalk Chalk Props

9.  Sidewalk Chalk Props ~ Have fun on the 4th of July with fireworks and your own lady liberty.

Storybook Chalk Art

10.  Storybook Chalk Art ~ Draw your favorite storybook characters on the sidewalk. It’s a fun interactive project that goes hand in hand with reading.

Balloons Sidewalk Chalk

11.  Balloons Sidewalk Chalk ~ I love the simplicity of this balloon bouquet.  She looks like she’s going up up and away with them.

Chalk Stencils Surprise

12.  Chalk Stencils Surprise ~ Surprise someone special with a fun stenciled chalk surprise.

13. Driveway Photography ~ Who would have thought that sidewalk chalk could be so much fun?!  It’’s definitely a creative outlet and fun activity for the family.  This is a definite must for your summer bucket list.

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Popsicles

14.  DIY Sidewalk Chalk Popsicles ~ Here is a fabulous tutorial where you’ll learn how to make sidewalk chalk popsicles!  You could use this tutorial to make chalk for almost any event or holiday! After all what kid doesn’t love to draw with this stuff!

Ice Chalk {Art Project}

15.  Ice Chalk {Art Project} ~ Art doesn’t have to end at the end of the school year! This post features a super fun way to create outdoor art in a fun summer-ish way! Kids of all ages will love these colored ice chalks!

16.  Homemade Sidewalk Chalk ~  Why not get prepared for a summer full of side walk fun by making homemade side walk chalk?  You can play hopscotch, four-square, and of course draw all kinds of shapes and designs!

Homemade Chalk Spray

17.  Homemade Chalk Spray ~ Using a mixture of tempura paint, cornstarch, dishwashing liquid and hot water you can have fun with chalk in a spray bottle.

Sidewalk Chalk Creations

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