17 Snow Craft and Winter Activities for Kids


Wondering what winter and snow craft activities you can keep the kids busy on a cold winter day?  There’s no more wondering what to do in January!  Here are several free printable pages and activity sheets to keep your children occupied indoors.  These snow craft and winter activities for kids include snow ball and snow man games, a snowman kit, ice marbles, paper snowflakes, snow globes and edible snacks.

Snow Craft

Snow Craft

1.  Family Hand-Prints Winter Wonderland ~ Turn you family’s hand-prints into a beautiful wintery scene with this fun painting tutorial.

How To Make Snow Ice Cream

How to Make Snow Ice Cream

2.  Snowman Cones ~ Christmas is about to get a lot more FUN when you sit down and make these snowman cones with your kids. You can use all sorts of candies to decorate these snowmen plus they are filled with sweet surprises.


Snowman Craft

3.  Just Add Snow {snowman kit} – Darling snowman kits made out of felt and a few accessories.  Perfect neighbor or family gifts for those who live in snowy areas.

Snow Craft

4.  Ice Marbles ~ This is a great post with an idea that could double as both a science lesson and just plain fun! Using water balloons and some really cold winter weather you’ll get some pretty ice marbles. Easy to make and super fun to see!

Make Snow Flakes

How to Make Snowflakes

5.  DIY Crystal Snowflakes ~ These Crystal Snowflakes are the perfect addition to your Christmas tree. They are simple to make and cost very little money.  And, they are a fun boredom buster project to do with your kids.


6.  How To Make a Paper Snowflake ~ We all learned how to make paper snowflakes as a kid, but for some of us, that was a long time ago. This tutorial will remind you of everything you need to know to create a gorgeous snowflake collection.


7.  Snowflake Paper Punch Projects Make three super simple kids crafts projects in under 45 minutes with just one punch! And…you can probably find all of the supplies in your scrap bins!

Craft Snow

Snow Craft 8.  Snowy Day Collage ~ This fun kids paper craft will teach children how to create a snowy winter scene using bits of paper assembled into a collage. This activity can be integrated with music if you use a bell, letting the children sing or dance as they shake their containers. Winter Crafts for Kids 9.  Snowy Fun Activity Pack ~ This 12 page activity pack is full of snowy fun! Cut and paste to decorate your own snowman, color a picture, trace some letters, make a wreath, and more! Like most of our printables and activity packs, this one can be adapted and used for a wide age range of children. Your preschooler up through early elementary age kids alike will find plenty of fun stuff packed inside.

Snowball Fight and Snowball Games

Snow Crafts 10.  Roll A Snowman {Games for Kids} ~ Today’s games for kids idea can’t get any easier to prepare and play! It’s great for kids and adults of all ages- my young kids love it, but you could also have your teenage children play it to see who gets out of doing the dishes after dinner- get creative!

Snowball Fight

11.  Cotton Ball Snowball Fight ~ You can still enjoy a good snowball fight without snow.  Give each child a bag of cotton balls or you can use wadded up paper or rolled socks.  It’s fun for everyone!

Make A Snow Globe

Waterless Snow Globe

12.  How To Make a Waterless Snow Globe ~ Snow globes are a classic Christmas piece of decor and with this great tutorial you can make some yourself! With a quick trip to your local craft store along with a few things you probably have around your home you can make these fun globes. Great for you kids to help out with too! How to Make a Snow Globe 13.  Let it Snow Bottle ~ There’s just something about snow globes that provide hours of fun tipping them upside down and watching the objects float down.  This simple tutorial shows you how to create your own with a water bottle, school glue, glitter, water and buttons and beads.

Winter Crafts for Kids

Winter Crafts for Kids

14.  Snowman Cupcakes {Edible Winter Crafts} ~ These cute frosty themed snowman cupcakes have just enough fun color to brighten up even the snowiest day.  They would be a cute birthday cupcake for that winter birthday boy or girl or just a fun edible craft to help pass time on a snow day.

Snow Crafts

15.  White Chocolate Peanut Butter Snowflakes ~ Are you ready for an incredible addicting treat? Like…you go for 2 of them and end up eating 6? Yeah, they are that good! And SO easy to make. And only 3 ingredients!

Snow Craft

16.  Donut Snowman Snacks {Kids Easy Craft} ~ Warm up on a cold day with some hot chocolate and donuts.  But not just any donuts.  Powdered donut snowmen!  They are the perfect cold weather treat.

Snow Crafts

17.  Iced Snowman Cookies ~ Create these fun iced snowman cookies without even turning on the oven.  These store bought cookies are transformed from little elves into snowman with a little frosting and candy.

More Snow Craft Tutorials:

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