22 Snowflake and Snowman Crafts That Double as Gifts


 Snowflake and Snowman Crafts are not only lovely homemade projects to create for your family this holiday season, they are fun.  Here are several tutorials on how to make your own Snowflake and Snowman Crafts with gorgeous pictured tutorials including a snowflake pillow, snowflake mobile, snowflake garland, popsicle stick snowflake, puzzle, cloche, sock snowman, snowman wreath and edible crafts as well.  These are perfect for gifting giving and creating traditions as a family that are so much fun!

Snowflake and Snowman Crafts That Double as Gifts

Create a new Christmas tradition or do a simple activitiy for kids with these awesome holiday crafts! Use these pictured instructions to make Holiday CraftsDIY DecorFood and RecipesParty Ideas, Free Printables, and Activities for Kids perfect for the holiday season!

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Snowflake Pillow

1.  How to Make a Snowflake Pillow ~ What’s more Christmasy than snowflakes?  Learn how to sew a beautiful winter snowflake pillow with this fabulous tutorial.


2.  Felt Snowflake Wreath ~ This unique snowflake wreath is perfect for those winter weeks when “holiday” wreaths aren’t appropriate. Made using dollar store foam core and felt, it is fun, easy, and inexpensive.

DIY Snowflake Mobile

3.  DIY Snowflake Mobile ~ Learn to make this beautiful Snowflake Mobile decoration with snowflake felt sticker and an embroidery hoop from your favorite arts and crafts store. 

Rustic Snowflakes {Snowflakes}

4.  Rustic Snowflakes {Snowflakes} ~ Here is a great tutorial on how to create rustic snowflakes. In addition to the tree branches, you’ll also use several other accessories like buttons and twine, creating several snowflakes that will make beautiful festive decor this holiday season.

DIY Snowflake Garland

5.  DIY Snowflake Garland ~ Make this beautiful snowflake from regular printer paper. 

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornament

6.  Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornament ~ Need an easy ornament craft for the kiddos this year? Well, pull out those popsicle sticks and glitter glue and get ready.

DIY Snowflake Puzzle

7.  DIY Snowflake Puzzle ~ Use stamps and inexpensive wooden tiles to make this clever homemade Christmas gift, a Snowflake Tile Puzzle & Gift Box, perfect as a stocking stuffer for the older kids or even adults. Easy enough to make a bunch up at once, too!

Snowman Crafts

Easy Sock Snowman

8.  Easy Sock Snowman ~ This sock snowman is a fun handmade Christmas decoration that kids will love making.  They are perfect for decorating your tree or giving as a handmade Christmas gift to grandmas and grandpas.   It is also a great use for those mismatched socks in your laundry basket.

Sweater Scrap and Burlap Snowman

9.  Sweater Scrap and Burlap Snowman ~ Upcycle sweaters to make stuffed snowmen.

Snowman Cloche

10.  Snowman Cloche ~ DIY your own cloche from a two-liter plastic bottle, and then build your own sweet snowman scene inside. 

Snowman Wreath Tutorial

11.  Snowman Wreath Tutorial ~ Here is a quick idea for a different style wreath for your front door. Just take 3 wreaths in graduated sizes (this picture is of the backs of the wreaths). I used 2-3 ties to secure one wreath to the other. 

Snowman Craft

12.  Just Add Snow {snowman kit} – Darling snowman kits made out of felt and a few accessories.  Perfect neighbor or family gifts for those who live in snowy areas.

13.  How to make Snowman Chair Covers ~ The simple additions of the scarf and hat make this snowman positively adorable.  It uses the same felt backdrop as the Halloween Ghost chair.  The snowman template is included. 

Bottle Cap Ornaments

14.  Bottle Cap Ornaments ~ Here is a cute ornament that your kids can help make and will look great on the Christmas tree! Easy and inexpensive to make, all you need is bottle caps, paint and ribbon! 

Snowman Templates Printable

Roll a Snowman

15.  Roll A Snowman {Games for Kids} ~ Today’s games for kids idea can’t get any easier to prepare and play! It’s great for kids and adults of all ages- my young kids love it, but you could also have your teenage children play it to see who gets out of doing the dishes after dinner- get creative!

Printable Snowman Garland

16.  Printable Snowman Garland ~ Do you want to build a snowman?  Your children will have fun assembling Olaf and make a cute garland out of this free printable.

Edible Crafts

Snowflake Oreos

17.  Snowflake Oreos ~ Winter seems to be dragging on this year. But, you can always do something fun with your kids when you’re all cooped up inside. How about making Snowflake Oreos! These are fun, easy and so SPARKLY!

How to Make Snow Ice Cream

18.  Snowman Cones ~ Christmas is about to get a lot more FUN when you sit down and make these snowman cones with your kids. You can use all sorts of candies to decorate these snowmen plus they are filled with sweet surprises. 

Snowman Party Drinks

19.  Snowman Party Drinks ~ All of the Christmas celebrations are behind us, but winter is still here for a while longer.  If you are hosting a cute winter themed party, these snowman milk men are a cute addition to your party food.  Easy to make and almost too cute to eat, these fun snacks will be a hit with all of your guests.

Snow Crafts

20.  Iced Snowman Cookies ~ Create these fun iced snowman cookies without even turning on the oven.  These store bought cookies are transformed from little elves into snowman with a little frosting and candy.

Snow Man Craft21.  Snowmen on a Stick  ~ If you don’t have any snow this winter or don’t want to trudge outside in the cold to build one, make these fun snowmen on a stick and let your kids build and decorate them inside where it is nice and warm.

Melted Snowman Cookies

22.  Melted Snowman Cookies ~ These cute winter treats are a fun holiday edible craft to make with your kids when it is too cold to go outside and build an actual snowman.  Perfect with a glass of hot chocolate and your favorite movie.


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