How To Make A Snowflake Gift Bow!


You’re going to LOVE this darling gift topper with step-by-step pictured crochet instructions on how to make a snowflake into a gift bow!  It’s a darling gift topper that’s perfect for a winter birthday or the holiday gift-giving season.

This new Shimmer yarn from Red Heart is so much fun for the holidays! With metallic flecks throughout it is festive all on its own. So why not decorate with it?  Below is the free pattern and pictured instructions on how to make this fabulous shimmering snowflake!

crochet snowflake

Throw pillows would be fun, and tree ornaments seem an obvious choice, but one of my favorite things are pretty paper packages so I tried Shimmer to make present toppers.  Crochet Shimmer snowflakes! There are so many possibilities here from rustic with a “snow” white snowflake and kraft wrapping paper, to elegant with metallic papers, to a bit offbeat, such as a preppy “hot pink” snowflake and bright green paper.

Shimmer Crochet Snowflake

make a snowflake gift bowCrochet stitches and worsted weight yarn makes this a quick project. Here is the pattern and full tutorial.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • 1 skein Red Heart Shimmer yarn in a color of your choice
  • Size “I” crochet hook (though “J” or “H” would work fine–sizing isn’t really an issue!)
  • If you are new to crochet take a look at the Tip Junkie How to Crochet series.


ch: chain
sl st: slip stitch
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet

Special stitch: Trefoil (chain 3, slip stitch, chain 5, slip stitch, chain 3, slip stitch all into the same stitch)

To Make: Chain 4

Join with a slip stitch into the first chain…

…to form a loop.

Chain 2 (counts as first double crochet)

Double crochet into the loop (you now have 2 dc).

Double crochet into the loop ten more times (for a total of 12 dc).

Join with a slip stitch into the top of the beginning chain-2.

Chain 2 (counts as the first dc).

Double crochet into the same stitch (the joining stitch).

Chain 3.

*Skip the next double crochet. Make 3 double crochet into the next double crochet stitch. Chain 3**

Repeat from * to ** 4 more times.

Skip the next dc and dc in the base of the initial ch-2.

Join with a slip stitch in the top of the initial ch-2. (You will have six sets of 3 dc and 6 ch-3 spaces)

Trefoil (chain 3…

…slip stitch…

…chain 5…

…slip stitch into the same stitch…

…chain 3 and slip stitch into the same stitch.)

Chain 2.

Double crochet into the same stitch (base of the ch-2, where the trefoil is also located).

Trefoil (chain 3…

…slip stitch into the top of the last dc…

…like so…and finish trefoil with the ch5, sl st, ch 3, sl st).

(The finished trefoil looks like the photo above.)

Chain 2 and slip stitch into the base of the last double crochet. Trefoil at the base, working into the same hole as the first trefoil. (You will have a trefoil at the base, on the right, a set of ch-2 dc ch-2 with a trefoil in at the top in the center, and then a trefoil at the base on the left forming one “arm” of the snowflake.)

Work 2 single crochet into the ch-3 space.

Skip the next dc and slip stitch into the next dc. (You have worked your sl st in the middle stitch of the 3 dc stitches).

Now, *trefoil, chain 2. double crochet, trefoil, chain 2, sl st in base of dc, trefoil, 2 single crochet into the next ch-3 space, skip the next dc and slip stitch into the next dc** to form the next arm of the snowflake.

Repeat four more times ending with the 2 sc in the last ch-3 space.

Slip stitch into the base of the first trefoil to join.

There is your Shimmer snowflake! Now weave in the ends and use a length of yarn to tie to your packages.

Make more than one. After you make the first one you’ll find that the rest are easy!

crochet snowflake

Learn How To Crochet:


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IÂ’m so honored that Coats & Clark ~ Red Heart Yarn is sponsoring this amazing snowflake tutorial. They sent Anneliese their new Shimmer yarn and itÂ’s off the hook! {get itÂ… snicker}

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  1. Wish I knew how to crochet but fear of more unfinished projects stops me! Very cute idea then use as an ornament after opening gift. Nice

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