Easy Snowman Cake Table Setting with Baskin-Robbins

Happy Holidays! Nothing says winter like a happy and whimsical snowman and I am thrilled to enjoy the Happy Holidays showcasing the snowman ice cream cake from.  Dessert is my thing, y’all and there’s nothing I love more than using easy desserts and a beautiful cake design to decorate my table setting.

Baskin-Robbins Cakes

Happy Holidays!

Baskin-Robbins has a few more holiday cakes up their sleeve so be sure to keep their ice cream cakes in mind while you’re planning your Holiday table setting!Â

Baskin-Robbins. All opinions and tips are my own, of course. You know I love to make the Holidays easy for you. There is so much going on, no need to stress about one more thing! So enjoy these easy desserts.

Easy Desserts and Cakes

The thing I love most about Baskin-Robbins Holiday Ice Cream Cakes is that they are easy! Easy to order, easy to serve, and easy on the eyes. They are just plain adorable, and versatile, too!  You can make a Holiday table setting using any of the three Ice Cream Cakes including the Snowman Cake {like I used}, the Yule Log Roll Cake or the Rosette Mini Roll Cake.

Even better, you can order the cakes online through Baskin-Robbins™ online cake ordering website! To find a participating location, you can use the “Find a Shop” feature on http://order.baskinrobbins.com/. Enter your address or zip and look for the Order Online icon next to the store location closest to you. Browse through Baskin-Robbins™ gallery of unique cakes, perfect for any occasion! These ice cream cakes make your Holiday tablescape so Joyous and Bright your guests will be talking about it for years to come!

Amazing Snowman Cake Design from Baskin Robbins!

DIY Table in a Snap!

Whimsical yet trendy colors, use of geometric patterns, and most of all, fun elements are key to a DIY Holiday table in a snap.  Since the holidays tend to be a bit overwhelming, use disposable products so that the clean up is quick and easy.

Happy Holidays with Baskin-Robbins easy desserts!

Snowman Table Setting

Items needed to make this Snowman cake table setting:

  • Baskin-Robbins Snowman Cake
    Cake can be ordered online and available for pick-up, 24 hours after the order is placed.
  • Table Runner {wrapping paper}
  • Platter for the Snowman Cake plus candy for around the cake
  • Paper products: paper plates {solid colored}, paper cups {polka dots}, napkins {polka dots}
  • Paper to make 3D snowflakes
  • Glasses to decorate as snowmen {you can use empty Starbucks jars}
  • Plastic utensils with snowflakes DIY’d to the handle
  • Paper doily’s
  • Styrofoam and kabob sticks for doily tree stands

Easiest Snowman milk perfect for a winter or Happy Holidays table setting.

1. Select Your Theme

When planning a holiday table setting it’s easiest if you start with theme. When I saw the Snowman Ice Cream Cake from Baskin-Robbins I knew that it was going to be the focal point of my table setting and the theme of my Happy Holidays table. I decided that my table would be Snowman themed, so besides having a Snowman Ice Cream cake, I added other elements that tied in the theme like 3D Snowflakes, Doily Trees, and Snowman Milk.  {{squealing}}

2.  Select Your Color Scheme

Next, you need select your color scheme.
Don’t pick more than 3 colors.  Any more than that and things get chaotic and trust me when I tell you that your eye will get confused and it will not look pretty.

Mixing geometric patterns and shapes is super on trend right now and I LOVE mixing patterns and shapes.  That’s why this table setting is mixed and matched. Very strategic. {{wink}} Let the trend bring the bling factor to your table!

Easy Desserts thanks to Baskin Robbins!

3.  Mix-in Your Elements

To keep my Holiday place setting easy to set up and easier to clean up, I relied heavily on paper products.  I wanted to be able to throw most items away afterwards and not have to wash a lot of dishes.  During the holidays, I think this is a handy tip for entertaining.  You can have a spectacular table without the fine china, y’all!

Remember that when you are mixing in your fun theme elements that you keep the word “layer” in mind.  You want to layer colors, height and textures.  I used textured paper and it added a 3D element to the tablescape that was just fantastic.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with texture, and definitely make use of varying height distribution on your table.

Don’t forget the CENTERPIECE!  This tablescape features the Baskin-Robbins Snowman Ice Cream Cake. The Snowman cake is perfect focal point for your table. It’s not only adorable, it tastes absolutely delicious too.

Cake Designs You’ll Love:

Disclosure: This DIY Holiday Tablescape Challenge was sponsored by Baskin-Robbins.  All opinions and tips are my own, of course. {wink}

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