18 Sparkle This Spring with Gold {DIY}

How to use gold paint and gold leafing to make stylish and beautiful DIY home decor.  Some of the gorgeous things to make with gold are artwork, vases, furniture makeovers, lampshade makeover, magnets, napkin rings and desk accessories.  Gilded and metallic crafts are so popular because they add a touch of elegance as well as stylish elements to your home.  So why not add some sparkle to your life?

Sparkle This Spring with Gold {DIY}

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to make gold home decor with these incredible tutorials. For even more ways to accessorize with gold Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 54 tutorials.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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Gold Home Decor

DIY Gold Pitchers

1.  DIY Gold Pitchers ~ Gold leafing will take plain pitchers from drab to fab!  Follow the simple tutorial to create your own.

Gold Flower Vases DIY {Vases}

2.  Gold Flower Vases DIY {Vases} ~ Here is a clever way to create lovely flower vases in a very easy and inexpensive way! Take cans you have emptied and cleaned along with some gold spray paint and you’ll create a beautiful centerpiece! Perfect for the day to day or even a fancy dinner party!

DIY Gold Mason Jar Vase

3.  DIY Gold Mason Jar Vase ~ Using a mason jar you most likely already have and some metallic spray paint will be able to create a fabulous centerpiece!

DIY Gold Clay Bowl

4.  DIY Gold Clay Bowl ~ Follow this step by step tutorial to diy your own golden clay bowl!

DIY Gold Leaf Polka Dot Mouse Pad

5.  DIY Gold Leaf Polka Dot Mouse Pad ~ Here is a fabulous mousepad makeover idea! You’ll need a traditional mousepad and some suede fabric along with a few other supplies found on her supply list. Then by following her simple tutorial you’ll have a lovely new mousepad that will make working a little more beautiful! {wink}

Gold Desk Dishes {how to}

6.  Gold Desk Dishes {how to} ~ Got to love when great decor meets storage and organization solutions! This is a great tutorial on how to take simple plain glass sugar bowls and turn them into stylish pieces of decor. A fun and easy afternoon project!

Gold Leaf Pots {Pots and Planters}

7.  Gold Leaf Pots {Pots and Planters} ~ These gold leaf pots are a super chic way to decorate your home with plants! A relatively easy project to tackle thanks to this great tutorial. Perfect to display in your kitchen, office or really any room of your home!

Gold Striped Napkin Rings {Napkin Rings}

8.  Gold Striped Napkin Rings {Napkin Rings} ~ These gold striped napkin rings are so chic and perfect to entertain with! In addition to the napkin rings this fabulous blogger also gives a tutorial on how to create matching gold rimmed glasses. Both will help to make your table look beautifully coordinated, and both are easy to create with the help of these great tutorials!

DIY Gold Metallic Letters {Kitchen Accessories}

9.  DIY Gold Metallic Letters {Kitchen Accessories} ~ Here is a twist on the traditional colorful magnetic letters most homes with kids have on their refrigerators! Super easy to make with a pack of letters and spray paint. Best of all these are perfect if you have kids or not! A fun way to make a little note to your spouse or for your child to practice their spelling words! 

Gold Room Decor

Starburst Mirror DIY {Mirror}

10.  Starburst Mirror DIY {Mirror} ~ This starburst mirror is super stylish and will dress up any room in your home! Easy to make with this tutorial and is an inexpensive way to create a trendy home accessory!

Gold Corner Frames DIY {Picture Frames}

11.  Gold Corner Frames DIY {Picture Frames} ~ Here is a great idea of how to make your plain picture frames a little more stylish with the help of tape and spray paint! Follow this fabulous tutorial to make your own gold corner frames. Easy and stylish, the perfect decor diy project!

Gold Confetti Art {Artwork}

12.  Gold Confetti Art {Artwork} ~ Using Kate Spade dinnerware as inspiration you too can create a chic piece of artwork to display in your home! Easy to make with the tutorial found in this post. Great to display anywhere that needs a little something metallic and sparkle! {wink}

Studded Wall Art

13.  Gold Studded Wall Art ~ Create a unique piece of art from wood, metal “spikes” and spray paint. It’s so simple anyone can do it!

How to Create Fish Scale Wall Art {wall decor}

14.  How to Create Gold Fish Scale Wall Art {wall decor} ~ Using a large board and cut out paper circles, you can create a gorgeous focal point for your wall. Learn how to create your own fish scale wall art!

Gild a Chair in Gold

15.  Gild a Chair in Gold ~ This thrifty store find got the ultimate makeover with new fabric and gold leafing.

Bench Up Cycle

16.  Bench Up Cycle ~ Here is a great idea of how to take an outdated or worn out piece of furniture, in this case a bench, and turn it into a stylish piece.  Don’t you just love the gold feet?!  This tutorial will walk you through the steps, and the result will update any room with functional modern style!  

Gold Leafed Nightstands {makeover}

17.  Gold Leafed Nightstands {makeover} ~ From cute to sophisticated, these nightstands are made over with gold leaf and a mirrored top! Change up the look of your furniture with gold leaf. Spray paint just can’t get you the same designer look, but with a little effort, you can have something spectacular!

DIY Polka Dot Lamp Shade

18.  Gold Polka Dot Lamp Shade ~ Transform a plain lamp shade into a statement piece with this tutorial using paint and a circle sponge.  Modern and bright, this drum shade could be perfect for your home.


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