23 Spirit of Halloween Crafts {pictured tutorials}


These spirit of Halloween crafts are fun and easy Halloween activities for children. They include Halloween crafts like skeleton craftspider craftwitches brew, spider web craft, Halloween moon, and even ghost crafts.

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Spirit of Halloween

Halloween Crafts

1.  Little Monsters {tutorial} ~ What a fun project for your budding artists!   Using recycled cardboard tubes, let your child paint a silly, scary or goofy monster.  You can add pom poms and other do dads for decorative trim.

Spirit of Halloween

2.  Halloween Shadow Makers ~ Let your child make their own spooky shadows on the wall with these fun shadow sticks.  Download the free file to make your own.  All you need is black craft paper, sticks and tape.

Halloween Crafts

Halloween Crafts

3.  Glow Stick Lanterns ~ How cool are these lanterns?!  Simply cut the ends off of your glow sticks, pour into a jar, shake and voila!

Halloween Crafts

4.  DIY Candy Bar Covers ~ Halloween candy bar covers, a simple and fun way to make candy bars festive.  For the mummy, stick two wiggly eyes at the top of the candy bar, wrap white crepe paper party streamer around the candy bar, fasten off with some tape.

Kids Halloween Crafts

Kids Halloween Crafts

5.  Halloween Jar Luminaries ~ Halloween luminaries are an all time classic.  You can either paint inside a recycled jar or paper mache colored tissue paper on the outside.  Vinyl images were adhered to these jars, but you could draw your own.  Add a tea light  stand back and awe your illuminated art!

Skeleton Craft

Skeleton Crafts

6.  Q-tip Skeleton Flag ~ Create a skeleton using q-tips.  I bet you already have all of the supplies on hand.  This spooky skeleton was glued to black felt to hang as a flag, but you could use black card stock to hang in the home.

Paper Plate Skeleton

7.  How To Make a Paper Plate Skeleton ~ This skeleton is not only festive, but easy and fun!  There’s a free pdf file to download and make your own skeleton.

Spider Craft

Spider Crafts

8.  Silly Stone Spiders ~ These silly spiders are made with rocks and pipe cleaners.  They are a fun Halloween craft for kids and make a great outdoor decoration.  You can line your walkway with them on Halloween night.

9.  Handprint SpidersChildren’s hand prints become a spider decoration for Halloween with this simple and fun preschool craft idea. Any craft which includes your child’s hand print or foot print deems itself worthy to be kept for years.

Witches Brew

Witches Brew

10.  DIY Mason Jar Witches ~ These mason jar witches are not only adorable, but super easy to make.  You don’t even have to paint the jars.  Green tissue paper is inserted into the jar for color.  Add a flameless candle to safely illuminate your witch jars.

Witches Brew

11.  Paper Witch Hat Tutorial ~These cute paper witch hats are a fun topper for all sorts of Halloween treats.  This easy to follow tutorial will show you how to turn some black construction paper into a fun Halloween party decoration.

Witches Brew Craft

12.  Bubbling Witches Brew ~ I smell some boiling toiling trouble!  Make your own impressive pot of witches brew using household items.  Let your little scientists experiment with color and glitter.

Halloween Activities for Children

Halloween Activities for Kids

13.  Witch Pitch {Games for Halloween} ~ Witches and Warlocks of all ages will love this fun party game.  Toss your candy corn in the witches pot and see who makes the most in.  The winner will probably be the kid that eats the fewest candy corns.

Halloween Activities for Kids

14.  You’ve Been Boo’d ~ Copy this note and make it two.  You have only one day or a spell will strike you.  Then pick two friends and a treat that’s yummy.  Leave that treat on the doorstep and flee!

Glow in the Dark Slime

15.  6 Recipes to Make Slime for Kids! ~ This cool craft is not just for Halloween. Kids will love being scientists for a day and making their own batch of glow in the dark slime. You can also download and print a free set of labels to use on your jars and bags of slime.

Spooky Spider

Spooky Spider

16.  Pipe Cleaner Yarn Spider ~ Make a spooky spider from yarn, pipe cleaners, cardboard and googly eyes.  You can also play “hot or cold” with it.

Spider Web Craft

Spider Web Craft

17.  Chalkboard Rocks {Halloween Activities} ~ These fun chalkboard rocks are prefect for any holiday.  For Halloween, write some spooky words or let the kids decorate them with jack-o-lantern faces for a great decoration that can be easily recycled for every holiday.

Spider Web Craft

18.  DIY Spider & Web ~ Create your own spider web to hang on your front door from craft sticks.  The tutorial to make the spider is also included.

Spider Web Craft

19.  DIY Spider Sacks ~ These spider sacks will give you the creepy crawlies, but are so fabulous!  They are so inexpensive to make you could make several to hang throughout your home.  The only supplies you will need are yarn, craft glue and water balloons.

Halloween Moon

Halloween Moon

20.  Halloween Moon Silhouette ~ Paint a Halloween moon silhouette from a reverse template technique.  The blurred edges of the moon make it more realistic.

Ghost Crafts

21.  DIY Hanging Ghosts ~ Create Knock-Off Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Hanging Ghosts in just a few simple steps! You can create these ghosts in under an hour and for a fraction of the cost of the original PB ones!

How to Make Footprint Ghosts

22.  Footprint Ghosts ~ These footprint ghosts are not only fun to make, but are a terrific keepsake since we know how fast their feet grow.  And, what child doesn’t love to get messy with paint?

Ghost Craft

23.  Ghost Leaves ~ Whoo!  Turn a plain silk fall leaf into a ghost!  Simply paint the leaf with white craft paint and add some googly eyes.  Make several and string them up for a spooky garland.

   halloween printables

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