15 Spooky DIY Halloween Wreaths


Learn how to make a Halloween wreath with these pictured tutorials.  Halloween wreaths perfect for fall and Halloween.  You’’ll find a door wreath to make using almost anything like fabric wreaths, tulle, moss, twig, ribbon wreaths and even feather wreaths!

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As always, the Tip Junkie Halloween and Thanksgiving sites have hundreds of pictured tutorials with free patterns for autumn and fall.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

halloween wreath decorations

Halloween Wreath Decorations

1.  DIY Dollar Store Halloween Wreath ~ This dollar store wreath is a fun DIY project. Spider webs were wrapped around the wreath form and spiders were added. A quick and easy $3 project.

Spooky Skeleton Wreath

2.  Spooky Skeleton Wreath ~ Full of spook, this festive skeleton wreath is perfect for greeting guests.  It’s made from a moss wreath, plastic skeleton head and hands as well as burlap for the banner.

wine barrel wreath

3.  DIY Spider Web Wreath ~ Create a spooky spider web wreath from a wine barrel ring. You could probably use an embroidery hoop if you don’t have a wine barrel ring available.

Williams-Sonoma Knock-off Halloween Wreath

4.  Williams-Sonoma Knock-off Halloween Wreath ~ Make this Williams-Sonoma knock-off wreath for a fraction of the cost. Take an inexpensive grapevine wreath and spray paint it black. Embellish with a raven and moss. Easy peasy!

Boo Sign

5.  Boo Sign ~ A little paint, wood letters, glitter and ribbon to make a boo-tiful front door sign.

Halloween Wreath DIY

Halloween Wreath DIY

6.  DIY Sugar Skull Wreath ~ Looking for ways to adorn your door or mantel this Halloween?  Head on over to embellish a styrofoam wreath tutorial with a sugar skull and felt flowers.

Black Cat Wreath

7.  Black Cat Wreath ~ Adorn a simple yarn wrapped wreath with pipe cleaners and felt to hang with a pretty satin ribbon.

Witch Crash Door

8.  Witch Crash Door ~ How hysterical is this witch crash door?!  It’s a rather ingenious idea using a plastic clothes basket.

Pinecone Monster Wreath Tutorial

9.  Pinecone Monster Wreath Tutorial ~ Do you have an old pinecone wreath you might want to update?  How about spray painting it green and making it into a cute monster wreath?!

Googly Eyes Halloween Wreath

10.  Googly Eyes Halloween Wreath ~ This googly eye wreath is a fun DIY project. Use your glue gun to hot glue ping pong balls to a wreath form and attach googly eyes. At night it looks like little creepies are looking at you from the wreath.

How to Make a Halloween Wreath

How to Make a Halloween Wreath

11.  Striped Halloween Wreath ~ Use traditional black and white Halloween colors for a modern wreath.  Add some glitter balls to create a wreath that will stand out above the rest.

Make a Tulle Halloween Wreath {how to}

12.  Make a Tulle Halloween Wreath {how to} ~ This wreath is a great way to decorate your door for the month of October! If you can make a cut and use a hot glue gun then you can make this festive wreath. You could make one for every holiday by just switching the tulle color!

Feather Halloween Wreath

13.  Feather Halloween Wreath ~ How to make a wreath Craft that is useful, spooky, and festive is easy as 1-2-3 with this DIY Halloween Wreath tutorial! Get into the spirit of Halloween with this festive Halloween wreath!

Black Crow Halloween Wreath

14.  Black Crow Halloween Wreath ~ Decorate your home this Halloween with this Spooky Black Crow Halloween Wreath! You can easily make this wreath using crows, spanish moss and a wire wreath form.

Halloween Mummy Wreath

15.  Halloween Mummy Wreath ~ Mummify a straw wreath form with gauze or muslin for a spook-tacular wreath this Halloween! Comes together easily and it doesn’t cost a lot ot make.

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Halloween Wreath Decorations
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