Star Wars Birthday Party ~ Jedi Academy!

Last year I threw a Star Wars Jedi Academy Birthday Party for my son. I’ve uploaded everything onto Tip Junkie Printables so you can print it out for free! I made their uniforms out of brown felt and rope.

Here’s an awesome Jedi Academy (Star Wars) Birthday Party Invitation. You can print out an example at Tip Junkie Printables.

We played several games. Here are some suggestions:

  • Jedi Training Course
  • Decorate Pod Racers and then race them
  • Light Saber Training
  • Clone Wars
  • Pin the Saber on Yoda
  • Asteroid Hunt
  • Save Princess Leia
  • Gungan Water Balloon Fight
  • Defeat the Death Star
  • Destroy the Death Star
  • Release Han Solo
  • Thermal Detonator Pass
  • Certificates of Jedi Completion

You can get instructions for these games here.

The food was Light vs. Dark:

  • Dark Food on Red tablecloth with Sith poster. Light food on Lt. Blue tablecloth with Jedi Poster.
  • Anakin’s Mechanical Hands: popcorn stuffed into plastic (onetime use gloves) and ice cream cups (chocolate for Dark side and vanilla for the light side).
  • Darth Malts: red Hawaiian punch & Sprite with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. With red straws and clear cups.
  • Yoda Soda: green Hawaiian punch & sprite with a scoop of vanilla ice scream. With green straws and clear cups.
  • Chocolate light sabers: pretzels dipped in red or lt blue colored melts. Foil on ends.
  • Darth Mix & Jedi Mix: raisins (dark for darth, light for jedi),
  • M&M’s (separate colors),
  • “Crunchberries” out of captain crunch (red & purple for darth, blue & green for Jedi),
  • peanuts, & chex cereal. Scoop them into colored ice cream cones for “holders” (red for darth, green for Jedi)

We played Star Wars Bingo and I also gave each Jedi their own game as a parting gift.

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  1. What a great party! My son’s five year old birthday is in a couple weeks. He wants a “Hot Wheels” party. Any ideas on where to go for party game ideas? Besides of course just playing with hot wheels

  2. What a great party! I can see you were definitelythe cool mom! Gotta check that race car one out too.

  3. ok so i have seen you before. you commented once before, and i was way excited to see you again. you are so resourceful. i LOVE all your ideas, and will link you on my blog. is that ok? thanks for stopping by.

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