Star Wars Legos Bingo Game {free printable}


Here’s a free Bingo Game you can play as a family or at a Star Wars Birthday party.  It’s a great party game for all ages! Scroll down to print this easy Bingo game.

Star Wars Bingo

EHprint Print Free File:
Star Wars Bingo (12249 downloads)

How to Make:

1.  Print out the Bingo cards and images.
2.  Cut out – make sure you leave a little white space.
3.  Cut color cardstock or paper a little larger than picture.
4.  Glue picture to cardstock.
5.  Laminate.

How to Play Bingo:

1.  Pass out a Bingo card to every player.

2.  A caller pulls out a picture card from a bowl or other container.

3.  Check to see if you have that picture on your Bingo card.
*  If you do place a M&M or other “marker” on that picture.
*  If you do not, do nothing.

4.  If you are the first to fill three pictures in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagnally, you yell “BINGO!” loudly, so that the caller can hear you. Then you win.

Star Wars Bingo Label

EHprint Print Free File:
Star Wars Bingo Label (2133 downloads)

Star Wars Party Favor

Make a copy of this game for each guest at the party as an amazing parting gift!  Print out the “Star Wars Bingo Label” and glue it to the front of a colored accordion folder.
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    […] played Star Wars bingo, which I got here and it was a big hit.  We played till everybody won, and they all got glow sticks as prizes.  For […]

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  3. Comment-Anonymous Kelly Milne

    Star Wars Bingo was a hit at my sons’ 7th Lego SW Party.

    Great Idea

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