27 Best Star Wars Online Party Ideas


27 of the best Star Wars online party ideas including Jedi Academy ideas, Star Wars party food, free printables, home made decorating tutorials, Star Wars cakes and cupcakes, party favors, and more!

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Star Wars Online

Star Wars Birthday Party

1. Star Wars Birthday Party – Star Wars scavenger hunt printables, death star pinata, and we saved Yoda from the Vader Dungeon.

Jedi Master Aniken 1st Birthday

2.  Jedi Master Aniken 1st Birthday – Talk about an amzing desert table.  I just love all the little extras in this party, the cake, colors, and party bags.

Star Wars Place Setting

3.  Star Wars Place Setting – Black paper plates and stuck yellow star stickers around the outer edge.  As for the middle of the plate, I printed off the Star Wars logo from the internet and then created a stencil.  Right before the guests arrived My Other Half piped on the logo with yellow mustard.  The napkin is folded into the Millennium Falcon.  The upside down cup is r2d2 and the knife on the left side is a lightsaber.

Star Wars Games Online

Star Wars Games Online

4.  Star Wars Party Decor – From the invitations, to the decor, jedi training, and party favors.  You’ll love all the fun ideas from this party.
5.  Destroy the Death Star Pinata – Marie threw such a fun party. She even converted a soccer ball pinata into a death star.  Man, she’s genus.
6.  Master Yoda Game Cards – A game card made into a necklace so the guests wouldn’t loose it.  Each time they completed one of the tasks, stamp the cards. Once the card was completely stamped, they received a special “surprise”.
7.  Star Wars Party Games – Check out this amazing Ewok hut, cardboard space ship and obstacle course.

Star Wars Jedi

Jedi Academy Agenda and Free Printables

8.  Jedi Academy Agenda and Free Printables – Use this Star Wars Birthday Agenda to help plan your Jedi Training Academy birthday party. Complete with free printables for games, food, and planing.

Star Wars Party Food

Star Wars Party Food

9.  Star Wars Party Food – Yoda Oreos, Blue Milk, and Princess Leia cucpakes, Han Solo in Carbonite Jell-o, cloud city pops, and more!

10.  More Star Wars Party Food Ideas and Recipes – You’ll find Storm trooper cheese ball, falcon ship dip, sweet and salty sabers, jar jar links in a blanket, Darth Vader taters, and more. {snicker}

11. Star Wars Themed Food –  Hoth H20, Jedi Juice, Yoda Soda, Padawan Pizza, c-3PO Ceasar Salad, The Force fruit, Jabba jigglers, Vader veggies, wookie cookies, and more.
12.  Yoda Pizza – The Yoda Pizza is made using green peppers, black olives, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

Star Wars Cakes

Star Wars Cakes

13.  Let Them Eat Star Wars Cake – The cartoon version of Obi-Wan Kenobi on his cake with blue lightsabers.
14.   Clone Trooper cupcakes tutorial – Pictured instructions on how to make these mini clone tropper cupcakes perfect for a party or just for fun.

Star Wars Cupcake Toppers

15.  Star Wars Cupcake Toppers – Arent’ these darling!  You can buy these toppers for $18 from Etsy.  You can find more Star Wars Cupcakes here.

Star Wars™ Heroes & Villains Pancake Molds

16.  Star Wars™ Heroes & Villains Pancake Molds – My kids would LOVE me if I bought them these pancake molds.  Aren’t they cute.  $20 from Williams-Sonoma.  They also have Star Wars cookie cutters, $20

Star Wars Party Favors

Free Printable Star Wars Party Favors

17. Free Printable Star Wars Party Favors – I know this isn’t birthday related per se, but you can use any of these cute candy gram printable labels as party favors for your party.

Free Printable Star Wars Valentines
18.  Free Printable Star Wars Valentines – These are Valentine toppers but they are so cute and you can use several of the cards as party favors for the party.



19.  Yoda Origami – Free Printable download to make a paper Yoda.
20.  Yoda Finger Puppet Pattern – Learn how to make your own felt Yoda finger puppet with this easy craft.

Star Wars Halloween Mask Printables
21.  Star Wars Halloween Mask Printables – Download and print these Revenge of the Sith masks created especially for starwars.com by Star Wars illustrators and artists.

Star Wars DIY Decor

Star Wars DIY Decor

22. How to make a Lightsaber out of a Balloon – Make a duel lightsaber out of toilet paper rolls and twisty balloons.
23.  Jedi Knight Water Bottle Labels – I’m so impressed with the talent of Sandy Ford Designs who illustrated the birthday boy into a Jedi Knight.
24.  Free Printable Storm Troopers and Darth Vader Cards – These are free printbale files of the Storm Trooper invites and Darth Vader thank you cards.
25. R2D2 Trash Can – I couldn’t find the orinal post to this image but I think it’s hysterical!  If you’re willing to paint a trash can, here’s a fun way to have a larger-than-life size R2D2 robot.

Star Wars Party DIY Decor

26.  Star Wars Party DIY Decor – Add fun party details like r2d2 Cups,  lightsaber knives, and Ewok Huts.  There are complete pictured instructions for each one.

Jedi Quiet Book

27.  Jedi Quiet Book – Holy smokes this is seriously impressive and had to take a lot of time.  You’ll find 13 pages and 5 finger puppets in this phenomenal felt quiet book.

More Star Wars Party Ideas:

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  1. We have annual SW parties in our household, so I super appreciate this – there’s so much I’ll be doing DIY style next time! 😀 And even though it’s been fulfilling to make our own, I’m too excited about these bargain deal sabers I found recently – cheap enough to send every kid home with one, yet they’re pretty quality! Parents always ask me where we found them, so have at it, fellow party people:

  2. awesome ideas! I had a Star Wars party for both my husband and son last year. It was the best party ever! I made lightsabers with bubble wands and also made Saber Dogs (hotdogs). I am thinking about doing a project to make a home R2D2 mailbox. Not sure if that’ll ever get started though.

  3. Incredible work on that Death Star pinata. I had thought about making one of those for my son’s birthday party last year (he’s a SW fanatic — all six movies, the Clone Wars cartoon, the CG one…etc) but I wimped out…looked hard to do. Probably spent too much buying a pinata, gaaah.

    Thanks for the tips…my son is looking over my shoulder right now and freaking out with joy, LOL.

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