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Once again, I have some great tips submitted by amazing Tip Junkie readers! Thanks Ladies – you’re ideas are inspiring.

Maggie has posted reasons for choosing local produce and meats and links to Internet sources for locating them. Honestly, this hasn’t occurred to me and I’m completely intrigued.

Wendy’s tip is how to make an easy indoor Easter Garden. What a cool idea!

Kate submitted a tip on a creative storage solution doubles as wall art and maximizes a small space.

Alicia has a monthly ezine that shows you how to make lots of cards from a few sheets of paper. Sounds like a great way to save a little extra cash.

Terol is selling this cute flower clock for $13. You can design with your own saying to make them really special for the same price.

Shannon is selling personalized blog designs. She has a blog with a look and the look is for sale. One person per look so it’s still unique to you. I really like this idea because you know, in advance, what you’re getting.

Be sure to check out their blogs for the details on these fun tips.


  1. Comment-Anonymous Shannon

    Thanks for posting my tip!!

  2. Comment-Anonymous momunscripted

    I came back to take a closer look at the tips and noticed the sign on the strawberries. I chuckled out loud.

  3. Comment-Anonymous Kate of All Trades

    Thanks so much for posting my tip!!

  4. Comment-Anonymous crafty al

    Thank you so much for posting a link to SheetLoad!!


  5. Comment-Anonymous Robyn

    Thanks for sharing! I love this blog! I am always here EVERY DAY! Love it!

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