10 Summer Activities You Need To Do With Your Kids


Don’t let the summer slip by without making some serious memories with your kids. There are so many amazing outdoor adventures just waiting to be discovered by you and your kiddos. Most of the items on our list can be done in just a few hours, are very inexpensive and are local for many people.

10 Summer Activities You Need To Do With Your Kids

Grab your kids, soak in the sunshine and make some memories that matter – that’s what this list is all about.  Here are 10 Summer Activities You Need To Do With Your Kids. You won’t regret it.

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10.  Take a Trip ~  Obviously this last item will take more than a few hours!   Plan a trip, whether it’s a day trip, an over-nighter or several days where your family can spend time together doing something new. Maybe you want the trip to be a surprise or perhaps everyone wants to plan it together, the important this is that you get away together, making memories along the way.

9.  Go Camping ~ If “real” camping isn’t an option, camp in the backyard overnight. It’s all about the adventure and sleeping outside. Grab the sleeping bag and s’mores and brush up on your ghost stories!


8. Build a Sand Castle ~ If you don’t live near an ocean or sea, find a sand box!  Building a sand castle takes team work, ingenuity and time. The process allows for some one-on-one time that can be pretty hard to come by.


7.  Make Homemade Popsicles ~ Kids tend to love helping in the kitchen, and making homemade popsicles is fun because it’s quick and easy and usually involves a blender. Kids love to devour the finished product (parents do, too) and there are amazing, HEALTHY recipes for making popsicles out there that are shockingly simple to make. Get popsicle molds here.


6.  Pick Wild Flowers ~ Take a drive up into the mountains or to an area with a field where there are wild flowers and then pick some. See how many of the flowers you can identify. Think of someone that would enjoy the flowers and stop by for a visit. Allow your child to see how a visit and small token can brighten another’s day.


5.  Fly a Kite ~ There is nothing quite like flying a kite!  If you really want to make the experience extra memorable, make your own! You can find tutorials and materials on eBay to assemble your own, which would be ultra cool! Or, you can just purchase a kite and enjoy a day of kite flying.

4.  Go Roller Skating ~ Give a good old roller rink a try.  Roller skating might make you feel unsteady and not quite in control, but I bet your child feels the same way. They haven’t grown up on roller skates so it’s new to them, too. Think about the fun you used to have at the rink and channel that fun for your kids.  Remember that it’s all about the memories. (smiling)


3.  Ride a Bike ~ Kids ride their bikes all the time, but I’m guessing they don’t get the opportunity to ride with their parents nearly as often as they’d like. Riding bikes with mom and dad provides them an opportunity to explore farther than they normally would be able to on their own and perhaps go on terrain they haven’t ridden before. Don’t forget those helmets! We love Camelbaks for long rides, too.

2.  Star Gaze ~ If you live in the city, you might have to get away from the city lights, but at some point during the summer, take the time to look at the stars with your kids. Identify constellations and just talk. Be sure to bring a blanket and hot chocolate! A telescope is a real bonus if you can get your hands on one!


1. Make a Wish ~ When was the last time you made a wish? Find a field of dandelions and make a wish (or two or three) with your child. There is just something nostalgic about making a wish and then blowing on a dandelion and doing it with your child? Priceless.

Do you have any MUST DO summer activities with your kids that I’ve missed?

Laurie Turk the Tip Junkie
What memories do you love to make? 


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