Super Saturday Crafts – Sewing Projects

Today’s craft ideas are sewing projects that hopefully you’ll love to make for yourself or gifts. Today is the official day of fall and that means the holidays are around the corner. Enjoy!

Nicole submitted her craft ideas that she’s considering for her craft day. I loved this no-sew tutu. Talk about adorable.

Shannon makes these bundle your babe wrap ups and I thought with the fall season upon us this would be a fun project to do. You can also purchase them directly from Shannon.

Daybreak 1st is having a Super Saturday craft day and they have several fun projects you can check out. My favorite and one that I use as a tradition at home, a tooth fairy pillow. The one I made has a ribbon so it can hang on the door during the day and the pocket in the front to hold the tooth until the Tooth Fairy comes to get it.

Sarah has posted a couple fun craft ideas. My favorite are these ribbon ornaments. They’re amazing!

Olive Oily has created her spin off of the I Spy Bag and made it into a I Spy Hobo Bag. Totally cute and girly. If you don’t want to make it yourself, you can purchase these directly from Olive Oily.

Penelope has linked us up with a tutorial on how to make these cute soft baby shoes. I think these are adorable.

Carrie makes these embellished onesies and I thought they were such a fun idea! You can applique or iron on to make those boring onsies totally fab.

Kelly has a monthly craft night called “Not Your Mama’s Craft Night” and they do some really cool projects. You’ll see many of the featured in the Super Saturday links but first up is this T-shirt transformation.

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Super Saturday Crafts

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  1. Hey Laurie,
    your first link for “Nicole” is actually taking me to “kelly’s” web site and not nicole’s. i really want to know how to make this tutu, but i don’t know where to go! 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard of that before. It is specific to a certain religion? I’d be happy to do some searching for you.

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