15 Super Succulent Plant Ideas


How to plant succulents using flowering succulents, succulent cactus and succulants for diy home decor that are modern and creative.  These clever at home projects and how to plant succulents include a wreath, birdcage, hanging centrepiece, terrarium, vertical wall pallet and how to grow succulents to name a few.  These succulent projects are sure to make a statement!  

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Succulent Plant Ideas

Succulent Table

1.  Succulent Table ~ Time to get those stunning succulents out and on display with this fun Succulent Table project!

Vintage Tea Tin Succulents

2.  Vintage Tea Tin Succulents ~ Create beautiful planters for your succulents from recycled tin cans! 

How to Plant Succulents in a Birdcage

3.  How to Plant Succulents in a Birdcage ~ Use an old birdcage to plant a succulent garden.  You won’t have to worry about taming it!  {wink}

Succulent Terrariums

4.  Succulent Terrariums ~ This helpful tutorial will show you step by step how to make a terrarium. Terrariums don’t just have to be for science projects! Use a beautiful vessel and gorgeous plants and you have a living art piece!

Cork Planters

5.  Cork Planters ~ Upcycle wine corks to use as succulent planters.  Add a magnet and hang them on the refrigerator.


Succulent Wreath

6.  How to Make a Succulent WreathWhy not put a living wreath on your front door? In this tutorial, learn how to make a live wreath using clippings from succulents.

How to Create a Hanging Succulent

7.  How to Create a Hanging Succulent ~ A clever way of making a hanging succulent using the Japanese method of wrapping clay and moss around the root of the plant before wrapping it in string.

Hanging Succulent Centerpiece

8.  Hanging Succulent Centerpiece ~ Transform a simple metal tray into a beautiful hanging natural display of candles and succulents.

 Vertical Pallet Garden Update

9.  Vertical Pallet Garden UpdateUsing an old pallet, learn how to create an adorable indoor or outdoor planter using real or faux succulents.  

Framed Vertical Succulent Garden

10.  Framed Vertical Succulent Garden ~ A clever and unique way to make a succulent garden using a vintage frame, chicken wire and moss.

Wall Mounted Letter

11.  Wall-Mounted Succulent Letter DIY ~ Here is a fabulous DIY project to make wall mounted letter a little bit more stylish! An easy project to tackle using a purchased letter box. Then plant your succulents to finish the look! Great for indoors as well as outdoors!

How to Grow Succulents

How to Grow Succulents

12.  How to Grow Succulents ~ Wondering how to grow succulents?  It’s easy, they’re a hearty plant that loves sunshine and easily multiplies.  

How to Plant Succulents

How to Repot Succulents

13.  How to Repot Succulents ~ Some helpful tips to successfully repot succulents and what types to choose for indoors.

DIY Succulent Propagation

14.  DIY Succulent Propagation ~ Learn how to grow succulents from clippings of other succulents!  Perfect idea for saving money!

DIY Succulent Garden

15.  DIY Succulent Garden ~ This succulent garden is a super chic way to decorate your home with succulents! A relatively easy project to tackle thanks to this great tutorial. Perfect to display in your kitchen, office or really any room of your home!


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