6 Superhero Birthday Parties

In anticipation of our Going Dot Com Birthday Bash, with a completely new look on Tip Junkie, I’m featuring birthday parties. Today I’m focusing on Superhero parties. I have 3 super boys and will be throwing many of these in my life time. {{wink}}

DesignerGirl007 threw her son a Superhero Academy party where you learn to be a superhero. Her games are fantastic: Vaporize a Villain, Leap Buildings in a Single Bound, lava pit, Magnificent Minds, Bat cave, and Mighty Muscle. {{fabulous}}

Ambrosia Girl threw her son a Superhero party complete with a cape-decorating workshop, BIF!, POW!, ZAP! decor, and coordinating party favors.

Party Perfect made a special shirt, banner, and cape for her Superhero.

Megan threw her daughter a Super Girl party where they pinned their shields on super girl, with their own initial instead of the S.

Bec submitted her Superhero party. I’m loving the “Superhero energy fuel” she made for the party guests.

Swanky Tables went all out for her Superhero Birthday Party. I’m loving the centerpiece: clear cylinder vases filled with popcorn and flickering battery-operated tea lights and large lollipops.

Thanks Ladies! These are completely fabulous and inspiring. Be sure to check out last years 13 Day Birthday Bash for other boy birthday party ideas.

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  1. This is so cute! I wish I knew about this one for my son's birthday:) Great ideas here..

  2. I have twin boys that just turned three and they are all about superheros and I have found these resources awesome and made planing their party easy . They love their superhero energy feul.


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