How To Garden: Organic Gardening from the Ground Up!

Have you been wanting to learn how to garden but didn’t know where to start?  The first step is finding the right ground to plant the garden!  In the first article in the new how to garden series, we’re taking baby steps and laying the ground work by learning all about about site selection. How To

Cut Flower Gardening 101 {how to flowers}

It’s time for How to Flowers!  Last week we learned what the top 5 Easiest Vegetables To Grow From Seed are and today we’re learning about cut flower gardening. Tina is back in our how to garden series by giving us the 411 on how to flowers for a beautiful cut flower garden and fresh

Garden Beds, Pockets and Pots. Oh My! {how to garden}

Wondering what type of bed is the right one for your garden?  Today Kim {our inadvertent farmer} has come to the rescue to give us the 411 on garden beds, pockets and pots! We have already laid the ground work in our new how to garden series by learning all about ground site selection and how