16 Easy Out-of-the-Box S’mores Recipes We Adore

How to make s’mores at home that don’t require a campfire!  These easy dessert recipes for s’mores recipes are all homemade so you can make them in a pinch.  Everyone feels more special with a homemade treat and they always taste better too! {{wink}}  Here are 16 easy out-of-the-box s’mores complete with recipes and lots of

Brownie S’mores

Combine brownies and s’mores for a tasty treat- no fire required! Premade ingredients make this recipe a snack that can be made quickly in time for an event or big game.

S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

These s’mores ice cream sandwiches are perfect for summer! Check out the tutorial to see what gives these ice cream sandwiches their toasty s’mores flavor: http://www.eatsleepmake.com/2013/06/food-smores-ice-cream-sandwiches.html

Candy corn S’mores

Halloween is upon us and that means the stores are loaded with awesome candies! My favorite happens to be candy corns. If you are a candy corn lover, you should make these candy corn s’mors ASAP! You’ll thank me later 😉

S’more filled strawberries

These perfect little s’more strawberries are a favorite not only for the summer, but anytime of year. An amazing combination all in one bite. Guests will wonder how these fabulous sweets were whipped up. Video: S’more Strawberries Recipe

Double Chocolate Waffle S’Mores

It’s getting closer to Summer and camping season. And to us that means, S’More season! Last year we shared some fun alternatives to traditional s’mores. And now we’ve come up with another fun (and chocolatey) version: Double Chocolate Waffle S’Mores using awesome Chocolate Chip Eggo Wafflers!

Easy S’more Pops, 2 Ways

These s’more pops are perfect for kids of any ages. Fun to make and best part: no campfire or oven needed! No oven, no thinking, nada. And I have two versions for you! Pretzels or lollipop sticks. Which one do you prefer? I’m a lollipop girl myself, but there’s definitely a benefit to the pretzels:

A S'mores Idea for Every Month of the Year {12 Recipes}

I just love S’mores and can’t think of a single reason why they can’t be enjoyed year round.  With that in mind, I found 12 amazing ways to present s’mores each month of the year, perfect for gift giving.  {{I’ve totally got your back! }}  Wouldn’t this make a fun present for someone?  The gift

How To Make S’mores Pops {smores recipe}

Smores are such a delicious treat that it’s fun to find new ways to enjoy them.   Here’s a smores recipe with a twist ~ S’mores Pops!  This recipe lets you enjoy the sweet taste of s’mores without the campfire, and make a great party treat or favor. S more How To Make Chocolate Covered S’more