Tea Towel Bridal Shower Cake

Instead of a box full of towels and kitchen utensils, give this fantastic cake at your next bridal shower.  The base is made out of rolled wash clothes.


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  1. I’ve clicked on the link and it says I’m not registered. I came in through my confirmed registration you sent me.

  2. Click the link that says “View This Homemade Gift”. That will take you to the post of the picture. She has a link saying “click here to see the original {and super easy} tutorial. If you click on the word “here”, it will take you to the instructions.

  3. Would love to know how you made this..Would love to do one for my daughter for her bridal shower on March 24th,2012

  4. how unique and inventive! similar to diaper cakes they make for baby showers, but this is great for the bridal shower. Thanks for the idea!

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