Valentine Crafts ~ 14 Gifts for your Homeroom Teacher


Are you still looking for Teacher Valentine Gift ideas? Well, you’ve hit the mother load with these 14 gifts for your homeroom teacher!

14 Gifts for your Homeroom Teacher

Flower Pen – Easy!!

Cookie Bouquet – complete with instructions

Beaded ID Badge Holder. I purchased this one from my local teacher supply store but you probably make it – or even have Tabetha make you one.

Teacher Candy Grams: Add any cute saying to candy or small gift!

Apples and Hershey’s Hugs: A teacher can’t live by ‘apples’ alone. She needs ‘Hugs’ too!

Bubble Gum or Bubble bath: May your Valentine’s bubble over with fun!

Sweet Treat: You’re so sweet. Having you as a teacher is a real treat!

Whopper: Hope you have a ‘whopper’ of a Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Crafts

Gotta Scrap made this amazing Jumbo clothes pin gift for her teachers.

Target mail box tutorial by Emily- too cute!

What about putting a gift card in this double pocket card made by Zany Not Crazy.

Or in something simple like this cute holder by Melissa.

Brooke made this tissue holder, for kleenex pocket packs for her teachers. Too cute!

Katie made these adorable Valentine’s in this little heart purse. What a cute idea. Check over on her blog for her pepermint patty sandwiches that she filled in a cute bucket for her teachers.

Jess made these cute paper flowers in a tin bucket. Great idea! To personalize this gift – wouldn’t it be great if the kiddo wrote on the back of each one what they appreciate about their teacher. Using one word like kind, happy, smiles, etc.

Michelle made these giant Dove candy bars covered in patterned paper.

Michelle also made these cute candy purses from this template.

Check out this Valenting Cupcake Kit!! Michelle is full of crazy amaing ideas! I’ve just added her to my bloglines account.

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  1. Comment-Anonymous KJ

    thanks for sharing these…my hubby is a school teacher and I must say we weary of the laundry-baskets full of candy he totes home around every holiday. It’s “sweet” of the kids to remember him but seriously…it’s ALL candy! Other ideas (for guy teachers) are office supplies like cool pens and notepads and such, movie-rental gift cards, bookstore gift cards, or fast-food gift cards for lunch time. Best of all: a thoughtful note of appreciation.

  2. Comment-Anonymous Robyn

    I just LOVE your blog! I come everyday! Just the best ideas for sure! Thanks again! Come by my blog for a free hug and you will see what I mean!

  3. Comment-Anonymous stampin_melissa

    Thanks so much for the award! I guess someone does visit my blog. 😉

  4. Comment-Anonymous Are You Serious!

    Those are all great!

  5. Comment-Anonymous emilymomto3boys

    thanks for the award!!

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