19 Terrific Valentine Treats {recipes}


How to make sweet Valentine’s Day treats that are sure to be loved!  Here are 19 ways to make and present Valentine’s Day treats, and I can almost guarantee these beauties won’t stick around for long!  {{wink}}

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Valentine Recipes

1.  Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Oreos ~ A must have recipe for any chocolate lover.  Double layers of chocolate and creamy filling decadence!!  Because the way to one’s heart is through their stomach, right?

2.  M&M’s Red Velvet Skillet Cookie ~ Take a bite out of this delicious red velvet skillet cookie. You’ll taste the silkiness of red velvet and a familiar crunch, m&m’s.

3.  Red Velvet Macaroons {Valentines Day Desserts} ~ Macaroons might just be one of the most beautiful cookies, shape them like a heart and you have a lovely Valentines Day dessert. Perfect for a party or package a few of them up and they make a sophisticated little valentines gift! Use this recipe and tutorial to make a batch or two!

4.  Valentine Chocolate Sugar Cookies  ~ This delicious recipe for Chocolate sugar cookies makes a beautiful base for decorated Valentine’s treats.  Perfect for a Valentine’s Day party or for an edible gift for teachers, friends, or neighbors, this recipe will be one that you use over and over again.

5.  Surprise Heart Cupcakes ~ Learn how to make these delicious cupcakes with a surprise in the middle, a heart!  

6.  Two-Tone Heart Cookies ~ These two-tone heart cookies are simply adorable!  Made from sugar cookie dough, food coloring and cookie cutters they fit together like a puzzle piece. 

7.  Mini Cherry Cheesecake Sugar Cookie Bites {Valentine Recipes} ~ If you’re looking for a yummy addition to add to your Valentine’s Day dessert table, this is it! These cute little mini cherry cheesecake bites will not only look festive and fabulous but also be super yummy! Use this recipe to whip up a batch or two, to wow your guests!

8.  Mini Cherry Heart Pies {Valentines Day Recipes} ~ Just the pictures in this post are sure to make your mouth water! These mini cherry heart pies are not only festive and yummy but easy to make! Grab this tutorial, your ingredients and some heart cookie cutters!

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Valentine’s Day Food & Recipes

9.  Healthy Brownie Recipe {gluten free} ~ Bake a yummy heart-shaped brownie treat for Valentine’s Day.   Bananas and greek yogurt are added to the brownie mix so they are good for you!  {{wink}}

10.  Red Velvet Oreo Fudge Bars ~ I’ll take one, please. Seriouslly! These moist and delicious Red Velvet Oreo Fudge Bars have my name written all over them. They’re red velvet cake bars with oreo cookies, hot fudge, and chocolate chips.

11.  White Chocolate Reese’s Krispie Hearts ~ You can make these in a heart-shaped pan, or use a heart cookie cutter to cut them from a rectangle pan.  Add melted white chocolate and let the kids top with Reese’s hearts.

12.  Baked Vanilla Donuts ~ If you have been wanting to make homemade donuts with your family, but don’’t have the time to make the dough from scratch, this post has a great tutorial for making homemade donuts. The kids can help prepare them and will love decorating them once they cool off.

13.  Valentine Puppy Chow ~ Puppy Chow is a classic yummy treat, add a few extra ingredients and you have a festive version. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day party or just as a fun snack, your kiddos will love it!

14.  Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies ~ A delicious treat for the little one’s!  Chocolate cookies with sprinkles and a kiss in the center. 

15.  Red Velvet Oreo Sandwiches ~ A delicious Red Velvet Cookie filled with Oreo cream. 

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Valentines Recipes

16.  Valentine’s Day Patties ~ Chewy heart-shaped patties that can be flavored any way you choose.

17.  Valentine’s Day Fudge ~ This festive Valentine’s Day fudge is sure to sweeten the day with this easy recipe only requiring 3 ingredients. How fun are the conversation hearts?!

18. Conversation Heart S’More Pops ~ S’mores cut into the shape of hearts with a cookie cutter. Dip in melted chocolate to decorate like conversation hearts.

19.  Sweetheart Pops ~ You’ve been struck by love! Aren’t these sweetheart pops darling?  Learn how to make them using leftover mini candy canes and melted white chocolate.



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