The New Executive Homemaker!



Welcome to the new Executive Homemaker! It’s out with the old website and in with the new blog.

Laurie Turk

Seven years ago I had this dream to have a website called Executive Homemaker. I had it meticulously planned out in my head and on paper. It took a year of coding & designing and finally my dream became a reality a little after my third son was born. Since then I’ve discovered blogging and a much easier, way to inspire women.

I stared the  Tip Junkie blog to promote Executive Homemaker, however over time Tip Junkie became my focus as it was much easier to maintain.  I was planning on taking down Executive Homemaker all together until I received this e-mail.

“I cannot thank you enough for your materials designed for special needs children, especially for your son Davis. I have five children (ages 8, 7, 6, 3 and 2). My middle child, Trey, has special needs. He has been in Speech and OT on and off since 2 years old. His neurological testing ruled out Autism but yet my husband and I feel it still may be a mild form. Trey is being mainstreamed but each year we try to give his elem school teachers/Sunday school teachers an explanation that he’s different than most kids. I loved your book to explain Davis. It sounds like my son almost to a T. I nearly cried when I read it. I am going to provide teachers with this type of book from now on. Sifting through and IEP doesn’t personalize children like this book will. Thank you so much. I also loved the Book About Myself. Trey will receive that well when I adapt it for him. Thank you so much for sharing this. You have been a great support. Judy”

To be honest, everything on there I made for my son Davis who has high functioning autism. He’s one that needs extra visuals, structure, and motivation. I can’t thank Judy enough for her kind words. She single handed saved Executive Homemaker from being taken down all together.

It’s taken 6 months but I’ve finally converted Executive Homemaker over to a WordPress blog.  I’m not finished yet, I still have over 300 files to upload so please be patient with me as I have to manually convert the files over one at a time.  That’s part of the reason it has taken so long.  Once I’m finally done – there will be over 650 files at your disposal to print out and have fun with.

I’m currently looking for a few women who would like to regularly contribute to EH.  I’m looking for 4 women who are familiar with blogging, make their own files regularly on almost any topic, and preferably who digitally scrapbook.  E-mail me laurie[at]executivehomemaker[dot]com if you are interested.

I’m so excited to launch the new EH site and I hope it will be an easier and more effecient way to share & print out the files you’re looking for.  Be sure to sign up for e-mail updates as EH will have new files to print out 5 days a week!



  1. Comment-Anonymous Emily Lund

    I am looking for the dinosaur story. I lost my copy and I have all the dinosaurs still just not the story. Where can I find a copy of that story on your new website?

  2. Comment-Anonymous Laurie

    It’s just a LOT of work to keep up with 2 sites and I’m really trying to keep a nice balance in life. However, EH has been a dream of mine and I believe there is a need and a place for it. Hopefully, I can find some fabulous women who would like to contribute regularly so the content will stay current, and help out other women who are trying to embellish their kiddo’s lives with games and fun activities.

  3. Comment-Anonymous Katie

    Wow Laurie I didn’t know you were thinking of doing away with Executive Homemaker; I am so glad you didn’t! I guess I should’ve told you long ago how much I like it. Really like the new look and you’re executive homemaker logo lady, so cute!

  4. Comment-Anonymous Jennifer at

    The new design looks great, Laurie. Congrats on getting it relaunched. You are so talented and creative on both of your sites.

  5. Comment-Anonymous Jedda

    You have some many wonderful resources. I’m glad you will be able to keep up with both. I LOVE the name Executive Homemaker! I have a blog, but have never done any digital scrapbooking, so I’m probably not the one to help…

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