The To Do List ~ 19 Lists To Try


There are so many amazing to do list printables to help you organize your family.  Just in case you’ve missed any of the to do list over on Tip Junkie Printables, here’s a quick round up.  I’ve also included to do lists that were submited from Tip Junkie readers!

The To Do List

The To Do List

1.  The Paper To Do: – After working for over 20 years on various projects simultaneously I have tried to figure out the very best To Do system.
2.  My Stinkin’ Never Ending To Do List – How to make your own notepad with these fun to do list.

Todo Lists to Try


3.  Dry Erase Glass Calendar – When all of that is done, your calendar is finished! Simply use a dry erase marker to write and rewrite your family’s happenings!

Todo Lists to Try

4.  The To Do List For Spring {Free Printable} – It’s no secret, I’m a list girl.  Print this To-Do List for free and mount on your fridge or filing cabinet and bring a little Spring indoors (even if it’s still freezing outside!)
5.  Printable To Do List – A to-do list always helps me feel more organized.  I just seem to get more done when it’s all written down.   And it doesn’t hurt when it’s covered in cute flowers, right?



6.  Weekly To Do List – Now you can plan your week ahead in a very chic way! Download these damask-inspired weekly to do lists to help you organize your tasks for each day of the week.
7.  Kids Activity Calendar {Free Printable} – This is a great calendar that the kids can use to keep track of their projects and family activities.  They can even add what’s for dinner.
8.  EZ Kitchen Menu Planner – I list those entrees on the right side which gives me a quick reference list and I don’t have to think or plan ahead too much to pull a decent dinner off.

Family To Do List from Tip Junkie Readers

9.  Save Time and Get Organized in your Household – Here’s a “Saving Sanity” tip from me; this is how we organize and prioritize our time.  You have a “Planned”, “In Process” and “Completed” category list.
10.  Planner Pages like the to do list – Several examples of how you can make these planner pages to help organize your life.
11.  A To Do List For the Month – Two master lists one for the month and one for the week.
12.  A detailed to do list that even includes your blog topic and who to call.
13.  Lists and Calendar –  I divided my list into 4 sections:  groceries, MIT- Most Important Things, Needs and Wants and Thoughts.
14.  5 Year Planner – A five year Excel spreadsheet that helps you plan for doctors appointments, and other apts you schedule way ahead of time.
15.  Dinner Plans – One way to easily plan out your meals for the month.
16.  School Days File Box – How to organize your kids school projects, pictures, and papers they bring home.
17.  Magnetic Chore Chart – How to make your own magnetic chore chart for kids.
18.  Spring Cleaning Check List – A detailed todo list of things to clean around the house.
19. Shopping List – These four adorable printable shopping lists are not just for your grocery lists but can be used for any other list that you might need to purchase.

Other To Do Lists from Tip Junkie:

Thanks to these fabulous “to do list” ideas for all your free printable lists, feel free to grab my “I’ve been featured” button from Tip Junkie. You’ve earned it! {{high fives}}

What does your “to do list” look like?  Feel free to share them with us! Simply leave the link to your blog post in the comments, or upload a photo to the Tip Junkie Facebook page. I adore hearing from you. {{wink}}

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Question of the Day:
What does your ‘to do’ list look like?

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  1. I tackled a huge enormious amount of items on my lits of lists. 1. I sheduled 2 days off when no one else would be around 2. I looked at the lists which items would clear up the most 3. Got on hand and kept receipts everything I thought I might possibly need.
    4. got up early on day 1, no phone no computer no door answering no mail could not get in car, ate quick fix things while I worked, no nap no TV, had selected fast pace music to listen to. 5. I had made a list of things for that day that had to be done before another thing could be done. SATISFACTION !!!!!

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