Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Party {free printables}


My little spunky guy finally turned 3! He wanted a train birthday party this year and was all about his “Friday Birthday Party”.

EHprint Print Free File:
Thomas the Train Birthday Planner (2506 downloads)

Thomas the Tank Engine Planner

I had forgotten how difficult it is planning a party with the birthday boy constantly around. He kept thinking that the day we went and ordered the cake was his birthday. Or the day we made his Thomas Train was his birthday. Or the day we bought the birthday supplies. Needless to say, it was a long week for the little engineer. 😉

How to Make the Rail Road Crossing Sign:

My fabulous friend, Katrina, made these stands as a light post for a church function.  I painted paper plates red and black for the “lights” and then attached the two white strips of paper for the sign.

Finally, Friday arrived and it was time to get dressed up and Par-Tay!

He was stoked!

He loved his train and even though it didn’t turn out like this one, it works for a 3 year old.

I made Drake his birthday banner inspired by this one that shows him growing up.

All the little engineers received hats, bandanna’s, and road sign suckers purchased from Oriental Trading Co.

I a made ‘Pin the whistle on James’ game.  I printed out a cartoon of the character and free-handed James onto poster-board then laminated.

The kids loved it! Since they’re all still little, we used their hats to cover their eyes. It worked a lot better.

EHprint Print Free File:
Thomas the Train Bingo Game (3150 downloads)

Next up, birthday bingo of course!! I made Thomas the Train bingo cards.

How to Make the Bingo Game:

1. Print out the Bingo cards and images.
2. Cut out – make sure you leave a little white space.
3. Cut colored cardstock or paper a little larger than picture.
4. Glue picture to cardstock.
5. Laminate.

Grand Central Station was upstairs.

Where we had several trains set up for all the kiddos to play with.

I LOVE toys and having 3 boys I’ve gathered quite the train collection. Now they’ve come in handy.

It’s time to re-energize in the Fueling Station where we had pizza and cupcakes.

I was really pleased at how the Thomas cupcake cake turned out. Thanks to trusty ol’ Wal-mart. I’m all about one-stop-shopping these days.

Happy 3rd Birthday Drake.  Mommy loves you more than the universe!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this party! My little guy is turning 3 as well and we are having a Thomas the Train party. You saved me hours of work by allowing me to print the bingo game you created. Here’s to all of us creative moms everywhere! You rock!

  2. Your parties are always fabulous!!! This one is no exception !!! Too fun !!!

    I made a Thomas the Train birthday cake for Mike’s grandson that turned out cute, I couldn’t find a Thomas cake pan, so I bought the regular Wilton train pan and used a parring knife to cut the cake to better fit the shape of Thomas, then used Icing in the appropriate colors and added the face and etc. to make it look like Thomas. It was pretty easy and turned out really cute!!! Just an idea for any mom out there who wants to do a Thomas cake!

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