Thoughtful Gift for Men : To Gift Peace of Mind

Last November, I was faced with the challenge of choosing a birthday present for my man. Since he’s been mine for a long time, I’ve tried most of the possible gift categories on him before. What would make him truly happy?

I thought of all the little to-do’s, house annoyances, tasks and errands that pile up and nag him every time they come to mind. I decided to make a list of all those things — and do them. Thereby giving him: Peace Of Mind.

It was a ton of work and tricky to conceal during the weeks and days leading up to his birthday – but the reward was great.

To convey it all, I created a stack of cards in a paper box. The images that follow take you through the entire gift.

Some of the items will mean nothing to you — but you know how it is, that random photo that you keep meaning to frame or that annoying bump in the rug that you see every time you come home.

Thoughtful Gift for Men : To Gift Peace of Mind

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