Now There's a Tip Junkie App for That!

Holy Smokes Ladies ~  Tip Junkie is now Mobile!!  If you have a smart phone {iPhone, iPad, Andriod} then you’ll have an insiders look to the New Tip Junkie App.  And of course, it’s FREE.

There are several cool features to the New Tip Junkie App but my favorite is that you can “heart” your favorite creative tutorials right on your phone. {squeal}  Yep, that means you’ll be able to bookmark your favorite ideas so you can easily find them again later, even when you’re on the go!

Tip Junkie iPhone App

Tip Junkie iPhone/iPad App – Free!     |     Tip Junkie Andriod App – Free!

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How Do I Use the New Tip Junkie App?

There are so many cool ways to use Tip Junkie on the go with the new Tip Junkie iPhone App:

  • Just think how easy it will be to plan a party. You can “heart” all the tutorials you are going to use for your party and then when you’re at the store – you can bring the tutorial back up on your phone to make sure you’ve purchased all your supplies.
  • When you’re at PTA meeting you can show a picture of what trying to explain to a friend or committee chairperson.
  • When you’re in carpool, you can “heart” all of your favorite tutorials so that you can quickly find them later without having to wait for your browser to load.
  • When you’re at a play date or chatting with a friend you can bond over all the crafty ideas you’re dying to make together.
  • The possibilities are endless!

Tip Junkie iPhone Screen Shots

What Does It Do?

This is just “phase one” of the Tip Junkie app.  There are many more surprises along with more bells and whistles in the works.  But for now, there are several fun things that the Tip Junkie iPhone app can do {The Android version will differ a bit}:

  • “Heart” your favorite tutorials from ALL of the Tip Junkie sites to “bookmark” them for easy access later
  • Start discussion by leaving comments or questions on the tutorials
  • E-mail any tutorial to yourself or a friend
  • Share any tutorial on Facebook
  • Create a free profile that keeps track of all of your favorite tutorials as well as your activity on the app
  • Participate in the TJ Community

Tip Junkie IPhone App Heart

More Free Features:

  • Home ~  The newest tutorials from ALL of the Tip Junkie sites {heart, comment or view the tutorial}
  • Heart Tip Junkie ~ This is a menu of what’s new on all of the individual Tip Junkie sites
    • TJ Community {forum}
    • Holiday Sites
      • Valentine’s Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July (patriotic), Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas
    • TJ Giveaway Directory {a listing of free stuff up for grabs}
    • Mom Shops {listing of Mom-preneur & Etsy shops}
    • Party site
    • Decorating site
    • Homemade Gifts site
    • Free Printable site
    • Submit a Tip to be featured right from your phone.
  • Facebook ~ See what’s happening over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page.  This is where all of the action is!  You can ask questions, leave your tutorial links from your blog, and really engage with each other.
  • Twitter ~ The latest Tip Junkie tweets and insider tips
  • YouTube ~ Silly videos that I create for your viewing pleasure.  {mostly making fun of my geeky self}

Where Do I Get It?

Wondering how you too can download the new Tip Junkie application for free?  Here you go:

Tip Junkie IPhone App Profile

How Do I Make A Profile?

My only complaint with this new fab app is that it doesn’t have a “create a profile” icon.  That seems like a no-briainer to me, but until we get that fixed, it’s really easy to create a free profile.  Here’s how:

  • From any page on the app, take your finger touch the bottom of the screen and “flip up” the page to bring up the “activity” page.  {This may take a few tries}
  • It will take you to a black “activity” page and click on the person icon to upload a photo and edit your screen name.
  • The heart icon is all of your bookmarked tutorials.

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I am really excited about this new way to view and interact with Tip Junkie.  There’s still more to come but in the meantime, I hope this helps make things a little easier for you in your busy, busy life.  {hugs}

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

Creating Memories that Endure,



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  1. Just wanted to let you know how amazingly talented you are! Thank you for sharing your heart and all your creative knowlege with us!

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