New to Tip Junkie? Welcome! {FAQ}


Welcome to Tip Junkie!  I’m Laurie Turk the creator of Tip and my mission is to embellish woman’s lives with unique, fun, and fabulous ideas while promoting creative bloggers and giving them the credit they deserve!

Welcome to Tip Junkie!

Hopefully this little Q&A will help you understand the Tip Junkie community and how to navigate and be apart of all the fun!

1. Why did I start Tip Junkie?  You can read all about it in the About Tip Junkie page or read my free eBook Creating Memories that Endure.  You might also be interested to learn that I’ve spent several years speaking about blogging, being an entrepreneur and promoting women in business.  I’ve particularly enjoyed being a keynote speaker at all of the Bloggy Boot Camp stops of 2012 and the I Heart Faces Photography Conference.  I’m now officially in “retirement” and I’ve revealed all of my secrets on my Mom Blog Money Blog.

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{Not Pictured:  Mr. Junkie.  “Cuz he has a day job.  Bwaahaa!}

2. How is Tip Junkie designed to be used and how can I be featured in a post?

Tip Junkie is a collection of DIY pictured tutorials and how-to-make projects from every-day creative women, just like you!  You can search thousands of tutorials for inspiration on just about any theme!

And now, you can have your own Online Craft Room which is a digital timeline of everything you’ve made, created, or gifted.  It’s a wonderful thing, and something that was years in the making from conception to implementation.  It’s my baby.  {{wink}}


Here you can submit your blog posts as:

* Tips
* Tutorials
* Or even Suggest a topic for me to blog about!
* Announce & promote your giveaway & swap in the Giveaway Directory
* Market your products, Etsy Shop, or blog in the Mom-preneur Shops

Most submissions are accepted as long as they are family friendly and haven’t been featured several times already. Please be sure that you add the direct link to the post you’re wanting me to feature and not to your main page or store.

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{I take myself really seriously, obviously}

3. What features on Tip Junkie can I take advantage of?

I’ve already told you how to be featured on Tip Junkie by submitting a tip. Next, grab one of these buttons and display it on your sidebar to qualify for the constant giveaways I host!

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If your post is featured on Tip Junkie feel free to add the “I was Featured” button to your blog. It gives your blog an elite status that you’re ultra fab! {{wink}}

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I have a treasure trove of information and creative ideas in the Archives. Be sure to check those out or use the search tool on the side bar to find something specific.

3. How can readers subscribe and find out what’s new?

Enter your email address:

I post 5-6 days a week so there’s constantly new and amazing ideas to be inspired by. If you’d like to receive these updates in your e-mail, type in your e-mail address in the box above.

5. Where should readers start?

On the home page!  Tip Junkie is jam-packed with information, so you might want to familiarize yourself with what Tip Junkie contains first.  Look at the fun drop-down navigation bar on top.  Check out the TJCC.  Or explore the Tip Junkie “Tip Finder” found in the side bar.  Or just start clicking around.  There’s a Party site, a Food site, a Printables, Decorate, Gifts to Make, Holidays, Lifestyle and Patterns site.  Plus there are all of the tutorials that crafty ladies like yourself have uploaded to the Tip Junkie creative Community!  There’s lots to do and see!

So, perhaps next I would look at my upcoming events and search for them on Tip Junkie to see if I could add any “glitter” to those ideas and make them Over The Top (OTT) fabulous.

If your calendar is empty, start with the Top Ten Tips for Junkie’s like me. That’s a list of all my favorite tips & ideas on Tip Junkie.

Here are my most popular posts: {‘cuz if other people like them, I bet you will too!}

6. I have an Etsy store or Website can I submit a product to be featured?

Due to the intense requests I receive to feature products created by women, I have created the Mom-preneur Shops. It’s a directory of fabulous products and every penny goes to supporting another woman and her family! {{fabulous}}

The Tip Junkie Gift Guides is where you can find specific gifts sold by Mom-preneurs for all of your up-coming events! I am so proud to help promote these talented women in business.  If you are a woman, feel free to advertise your Mom-preneur Shop and then you can list a product in each gift guide for free. {squeal}

7.  I’m a Work-At-Home Mom and I want to advertise my services locally!

The Work-At-Home-Service Mom Directory is where you can find all of the talented women to hire in your local area! I am so proud to help promote these talented women in business.

8. I make/sell some products would you be willing to host a giveaway?

Currently, I have to limit my giveaway hosting to Sponsors only. If you’d like to learn how to become a Sponsor and advertise on Tip Junkie, contact me.

I have the best readers around and I am so grateful for their continuous support.


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