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 It’s time to link up your amazing ideas to “Tip Me Tuesday!  Let the SHARING begin!  Here’s a few of my favorites who linked up last week!  {squeal in delight}

Tip Junkie is on a grand mission to unite 1 million happy crafters and I’ve found an easier and better way to spread the word about YOUR homemade projects.  Wanna know how?

It’s all about reciprocity, baby.   Do you know that over 48 million people have visited Tip Junkie?  Yep.  That means that when you share blog links and upload photos ~ I am able to promote you.  {fabulous}   I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so when I feature you, I will only use 1 photo and always link directly to your blog post.  Only share what you want the world to see, ‘cuz chances are, they will! {giggle}

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” ~ John F. Kenndy


Let the WORLD be inspired by what YOU have made, bookmark YOUR ideas here on Tip Junkie, and let me send lots of readers YOUR way.  Ready to play?  

Two Ways To Share Your Projects

There are 2 ways for me to promote you, right now!  Yep, this very minute… Share your blog post or Upload Pictures onto the Creative Community Facebook page and Linky Parties.  Feel free to do both ~ every day.  {I would!}

1.  Add it to My Facebook Page

Tip Junkie’s Creative Community on Facebook is the most immediate way to spread the word about your creative tips, and homemade projects.   Post to the FB Wall any homemade project like a craft, DIY home decor, party you hosted, a recipe, free file, or fun tip.  {family-friendly}  

The majority of Tip Junkie readers are not bloggers ~ they are on Facebook just waiting for you to share your amazing ideas with them.  So help a creative girl out, and upload your pictures and add your blog links directly to them!  {snicker}

Add a Blog Link or Upload Photos to Tip Junkie Facebook Page

Click “status” or “post” if you want your blog link to auto-populate with an image and description.  Or if you want a big pretty image then click “photo / video” ~ just be sure to leave your blog link and a description.  Either way once you click the “post” button Tip Junkie’s world-wide and I can SHARE and LIKE your fabulous ideas.  

Add your blog links and upload photos from your camera phone to  share EVERY DAY on Facebook with us.  I will still be featuring you on Facebook and all social networks, but the best part is that OTHER publishing companies will be able to find you quicker too.  {group hug!}  

Tip: Once you’ve added it to facebook make sure you come back and add it to the Tip Me Tuesday linky.  {{wink!}}

2.  Handmade Projects Link Up

The following is the list of ideas {or themes} which I am looking for NOW and will be featuring soon.  

1.  DIY Spice Rack Ideas

2.  Beginner Sewing Tutorials

3.  Playroom Ideas

4.  Baby Powder Hacks

5.  Back to School Ideas

6.  Fall Recipes

7.  Copper Crafts

8.  Clever cake Ideas

9.  Meet the Teacher Ideas

10.  Nail Art Tutorials

Leave a comment below or in the Facebook Creative Community if there is a specific topic or tutorial you’re looking for.  I’d be happy to find it for ya ~ ‘cuz I aim to please. {knuckle bumps}  

Never fear, if your blog post topic isn’t listed this week.  Simply go ahead and add it to your Tip Junkie craft room.  Psst, it’s better this way anyway because you don’t have to share the page with other blog links!  {evil laugh} I will add more topics every Tuesday.

Don’t see your topic but have a fabulous idea to share?
add it NOW to the Creative Community on my Facebook Page! 

If you’re wondering how to link up to Tip Me Tuesday, I created a pictured tutorial with a video for you. {as usual, I’ve got your back!}


If you link up post this button on your Facebook,
Instagram, G+, Twitter, or your blog

Let’s Support Each Other: If you link up, please take a second and comment on the 2 posts above you! This way we really get to *meet* each other, make new friends, AND everyone gets comments. I LOVE comments, don’t you!?!  {squeal in delight}

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