Tips for the Kids

So many lovely readers have sent me some great tips for mommies & their kiddos. I realize not all Tip Junkie’s have kids, but some of these would also make fun gift ideas. I hope they inspire you.

Nicol submitted her tutorial on how to make these hair bows.

Alisha made this personalized magnet toy made from photos of family members. Wow!

Shaina sent me her tutorial on how to make a superhero cape.

Here’s Christie’s Bath Apron Tutorial. Protect yourself from getting drenched during bath time by creating a bath apron out of a towel. Use it to wrap baby up in when pulling him/her out of the bath.

Jackie repurposed a man’s shirt into a child’s shirt. Here’s a tutorial on how to take an old adult sized t-shirt and revamp it into a cool shirt for your kid.

Chelsea submitted her tip on recycling children’s books into art. How to make crafts from thrifted children’s books .

Heather made these felt sports team pennants for her super bowl party. Show your team spirit with homemade felt pennants for any sporting occasion.

Jill submitted her amazing name banner tutorial.

Michelle uses old wrapping paper as drawing paper for her kiddos.

Dianna submitted her quick tutorial on how to make your own coloring pages.

Bonnie submitted her Breaking Up The Routine tips. An idea to break out of the day in and day out routine … fun with the kids.

Diana submitted her Disneyland guide, a must see/do guide to Disneyland Tip.

Thanks Ladies!! These are amazing and unique ideas.

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  1. Thanks for all those great ideas. I especially love the magnet idea – my daughter would love it!

  2. I LOVE the magnet idea! Our family now lives far away from us and the kids would have a great time playing with their magnets and remembering their family (since they are so small)! Thank you for all your hard work in sharing these tips with others to make our lives an easier one!

  3. I just love all the stuff you have on your blog. You won an award, come to my blog and check it out.

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