12 Top Christmas Gifts To Make This Winter


Top Christmas gifts to make this winter!  These homemade gift tutorials will also help you give the gift of warmth this year.  They include neck warmers, shawls, mittens and fingerless gloves, leg warmers and even slipper patterns.

Check out these 120 Winter craft tutorials over on the Tip Junkie Creative Community if you’re looking for more homemade winter wear to make as DIY Christmas gift ideas.

Top Christmas Gifts

Top Christmas Gifts

1.  Winter Cowl Scarf {free pattern} ~ This fun winter scarf will keep you warm during the short cold days.  It’s like a blanket for your neck and shoulders.

Crochet Cowl

2.  Convertible Cowl {free pattern}This crochet project is great for beginners and easy to customize. Use 1 skein for a shorter cowl, make it a solid color or striped, use your imagination!

Crochet Shawl

3.  Sidewalk Shawl {free pattern} ~ This shawl is absolutely gorgeous!  And, look at how amazing it looks paired with jeans.  Make one for a friend and one for yourself while you’re at it {wink}.  Or stash it for a great Christmas present.

Anthro Inspired Scarf

4.  Catch and Release Scarf ~ This Anthropologie inspired scarf is fab!  A light weight fabric works best such as cotton voile, cotton lawn, or cotton gauze.  If you decide you want the scarf in a different color simply dye it with RIT.   {wink}

Upcycled Sweater Mittens

5.  Upcycled Sweater Mittens ~ Sew the perfect pair of mittens from an old sweater!  No pattern is necessary, simply trace your hand on the bottom of the sweater, cut and sew your pieces together.

Childrens Mittens

6.  Adjustable Fleece Mittens ~ Ashley shows you how simple it would be to make some very basic adjustable mittens.  Perfect for little hands.

Ruffled Fingerless Gloves

7.  Fingerless Gloves Tutorial ~ These ruffled fabric gloves are absolutely adorable!  You can make them in minutes.  The free pattern can be adjusted to fit an adult sized hand as well.

10 Minute Toddler Leg Warmers

8.  Toddler Leg Warmers {tutorial} ~ Have a pair of knee socks you’d like to refashion?  In 10 minutes your little lady can be stylin’ some new leg warmers!

Home Made Gift Ideas

9.  Leg Warmers {free pattern} ~ If you know how to knit, take advantage of this free pattern.  Although it says the skill level is intermediate, it looks pretty basic.  However, there’s nothing basic about the finished product.  It’s a guaranteed “wow-er”.

Childrens Slippers

10.  Elf Slippers {free pattern} ~ These elf slippers are absolutely adorable and so much fun!  Follow the step by step tutorial for making your own wool slippers from repurposed felted sweaters.  The instructions are for 4-6 year olds, but you could adjust the pattern to make any size you want.

Slipper Pattern

11.  How To Make Crochet House Slippers  {tutorial} ~ Here are several tutorials you’ll need to make these darling crochet house slippers.  I just adore them! General crotchet terms you’ll need to make the slippersGetting started crotchet slipperMain part of the slippersTightening up your crochet slippersTrimming them UpAdding a crotchet flower.

Sweater Hats

12.  Winter Hats from Old Sweaters ~ Using this free pattern from Martha Stewart, you can turn your old sweater into a fashionable new hat for your little one.  Make your worn out clothing go from drab to fab!

More Free Gift Patterns:

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