Top Commenter Widget


I found something totally cool on Celia’s blog today. It’s a ‘Top Commenter Widget’ which displays the top 10 commenters on your blog. What a great way to reward your regular commenter!

It’s really easy if you use Blogger. Just type in your blog name as per the instructions, press Customize, then press the Add to Blog button.

It puts it directly into your layout! Drag it to the position you prefer and press Save. Presto!

Thanks once again Celia, you’re fab!


  1. Comment-Anonymous Celia Fae

    My top commenter widget is cracking me up. People care.

  2. Comment-Anonymous Celia Fae

    Now’s my chance to get in good with the Tip Junkie.

  3. Comment-Anonymous Celia Fae

    Which is appropriate since blogging is as addicting as heroin.

  4. Comment-Anonymous Celia Fae

    Wait a sec. I’m still not there. I’ll be back to check later.

  5. Comment-Anonymous Celia Fae

    I’m thinking there’s some sort of delay. It’s longer than ten minutes.

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