Tips for Traveling with Kids


I noticed from the search terms Tip Junkie’s are using that your wanting travel tips for the car or airplane.  You know I aim to please!  Here are several fabulous bloggers who have hooked you up with games and travel guides to keep your kiddos busy.


1.  The mother-load of homemade travel games for kids on 24/7 Moms.
2.  Eye spy quilt found on A Little Etsy Love.
3.  Tiffany submitted her tutorial on how to make a travel felt board (FeltFolio).
4.  A book bag and quiet toy ideas from Katie’s Nesting Spot.


5.  Makes & Takes has tips on packing and traveling with kids.
6.  Simple Mom’s 10 tips for making traveling with kids easier.
7.  13 things you must pack for a vacation.
8.  Peppers & Pollywogs car games for kids.


9.  Flip to Win hand held games
10.  B. Jane submitted her flap wipes box as a treasure trap or crayon catcher.
11.  Make a Song Box to pass the time in the car.
12.  Family Fun’s printable travel games.

I hope these game keep your kiddos busy while traveling and you’re spared the question, “Are we there yet?!?”  Happy Trails!

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  1. Comment-Anonymous Tara B.

    These are fantastic ideas!! these are great for ANY DAY in the car….not just traveling! thanks!

    ? Tara

  2. 2
  3. Comment-Anonymous Andrea

    The best thing I ever took on the airplane for my then 2 yr old was a box of band-aids and her baby doll. She was so quietly occupied caring for her baby. I also let her pretend with things like a tube of orajel, neosporin, etc. out of my travel first aid kit.

  4. 3
  5. Comment-Anonymous Kristin

    Just finished up a container of wipes and knew I couldn’t throw it out…because it might turn into something fun! After seeing your post on making it into a “song box” for the car or a crayon/treasure box…I am so glad I didn’t throw it out!! Thanks

  6. 4
  7. Comment-Anonymous Nicole

    What awesome ideas! I think I’m going to do that dry erase cookie pan idea! My kids would LOVE it!! I also posted some great things to take in the car or on a plane for your kids as you travel:

  8. 5
  9. Comment-Anonymous Steph @ Problem Solvin Mom

    Love these ideas, especially the cookie pan! I made a travel fun book that I blogged about a few weeks ago that did a great job of entertaining Sweetpea during our trip to Florida this year. The original idea was from the Frugal Family Fun Blog. You can check out our version here, if interested:

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