Tips for Traveling with Kids

I noticed from the search terms Tip Junkie’s are using that your wanting travel tips for the car or airplane.  You know I aim to please!  Here are several fabulous bloggers who have hooked you up with games and travel guides to keep your kiddos busy.


1.  The mother-load of homemade travel games for kids on 24/7 Moms.
2.  Eye spy quilt found on A Little Etsy Love.
3.  Tiffany submitted her tutorial on how to make a travel felt board (FeltFolio).
4.  A book bag and quiet toy ideas from Katie’s Nesting Spot.


5.  Makes & Takes has tips on packing and traveling with kids.
6.  Simple Mom’s 10 tips for making traveling with kids easier.
7.  13 things you must pack for a vacation.
8.  Peppers & Pollywogs car games for kids.


9.  Flip to Win hand held games
10.  B. Jane submitted her flap wipes box as a treasure trap or crayon catcher.
11.  Make a Song Box to pass the time in the car.
12.  Family Fun’s printable travel games.

I hope these game keep your kiddos busy while traveling and you’re spared the question, “Are we there yet?!?”  Happy Trails!

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  1. Just finished up a container of wipes and knew I couldn’t throw it out…because it might turn into something fun! After seeing your post on making it into a “song box” for the car or a crayon/treasure box…I am so glad I didn’t throw it out!! Thanks

  2. The best thing I ever took on the airplane for my then 2 yr old was a box of band-aids and her baby doll. She was so quietly occupied caring for her baby. I also let her pretend with things like a tube of orajel, neosporin, etc. out of my travel first aid kit.

  3. These are fantastic ideas!! these are great for ANY DAY in the car….not just traveling! thanks!

    ? Tara

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